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How To Nurse A Hangover Essay

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This information is for persons of legal drinking age. If you are 21 are older please drink responsibly. Do not operate any vehicle while intoxicated. Thank you.
Maybe hangovers are nature's way of telling us that too much alcohol is not good for us. Chances are, if you drink alcohol, at some point in your life you have drank way too much of it. When one drinks like that, one must be prepared for the consequences. We all have our own private understanding for that dreadful feeling. Nobody has come up with a way to treat a hangover, but here are some steps to minimize the pain at least until the next party. Sometime you will know in advance that one night will be a particularly sobriety-challenged evening. Here are some precautionary measures to consider.
     *Take a gram or more of vitamin C for the few days leading up to that evening. This will help
      Your body clear the alcohol more quickly than it normally would
     *If you know that you will be drinking in a few hours, make sure you have had something to eat.
Step 1: The Surgeon General wants you to consider your beverage choice (Congeners count).
According to the surgeon general, congeners are toxic chemicals that are formed during fermentation, and some liquor has more of them than others. For instance: Vodka has less congeners than gin.
               Most scotch whiskey has about four times more congeners than doe's gin.
Brandy, rum and single-malt scotch have about six times as many congeners gin.
Bourbon drinkers ingest eight times the amount of congeners as do gin drinkers.
Red wine has more congeners than white wine does, so consider having fish, rather than steak for dinner.
Step 2: Plan for the evening.
Now that you've chosen your poison, adopt these strategies regarding mixers and other pitfalls:
According to Dr. Consiglio from Men's Health magazine, carbonation speeds alcohol absorption, so consider mixing drinks with water instead of the fizzies.
Stay away from sweet tropical drinks, like zombies and pina coladas, and avoid sugary foods like cookies, cake and chocolate while drinking.
Sweet flavors make it difficult to know how...

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