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How To Use The Media For Social Change

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When Zana Briski traveled to Calcutta’s impoverished red light district in 1997, she did not expect her documentary capturing the lives of eight marginalized children would arouse the consciousness of millions of people around the world. By displaying the poverty and grime of the brothel while publicizing children’s artwork and their lofty dreams to become educated, the documentary “Born into Brothels” succeed in raising awareness and attracting financial support worldwide to provide these children with reachable quality education. In other words, it is the film as well as the discussions related to it on various media platforms that brought about life-changing opportunities for those eight children, which evidently unfolds the transformative power of media.

In fact, most media content are no longer merely artistic and informational – they are meant to engage the masses thus to exert profound influence not only on individual development but also on social advancement. No one can deny that in the contemporary world, media, composed of dynamic and various platforms, is widely perceived to be the predominant means of communication. Noticeably, the term media is first used with the advent of newspaper and magazines; yet with the passage of time, the term is broadened by the inventions of radio, television, video and internet, which are all adapted as forms of media that bring the world closer to us. Indeed, media depends on its wild audience coverage, active public engagement and open, two-way communication to create a highly interactive platform through which “humanity, fully connected, collaboratively build and share a global world”(McLuhan 160).Without doubt, media presents a strong impact upon individual and society in the process of education promotion, poverty salvation and women rights protection.

Clealy, education does more that just impart academic knowledge; it provides people with a strong foundation from which they can expound on to acquire social interaction skills, independence, avenues to develop creativity and boundless benefits. In this light, it can be seen as a process by which human beings can reach their fullest potential (Bandura 21). Fully recognize the importance of education, people begin to utilize media to actively promote literacy worldwide. As mentioned in the introductory paragraph, the documentary “Born Into Brothels” follows the lives of eight children who are energetic, positive and curious like other children yet are outcasts in every possible way - even from the education system. As the documentary is published in 2004, those children receive generous support that enables them to attend boarding institutions where they may receive quality education. In this case, endless possibilities in those children’s future are unlocked with the help of the documentary. Besides creating education opportunities for individuals, media also plays an instrumental role in promoting national literacy. In 1981, Miguel Sabido, a...

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