How Far Communication Technology Has Come

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As a young adult, I would roll my eyes at my parent’s stories of how primitive things were when they were children and how thankful I should be that the world was so much farther advanced than when they were young. I promised myself I would never make my children suffer through these drawn out stories. Now fast forward to 2010. My children have no idea how far technology has come in the last twenty years. I can appreciate these luxuries so much more; having grown up with no world wide web, no cell phones, and no text messaging. I am going to look at just a few of the many differences in communication from my childhood until today.
The first and biggest technology luxury children have today is the Internet. It has become a simple matter of typing a topic into a search engine and within a nanosecond; voila! All the information one could ever need is right at their fingertips, whether the topic is the gestation period of a toad or lyrics to the latest Lady Gaga song. Someone growing up in the 80’s would remember turning to the World Book Encyclopedia for information. The books were heavy and musty smelling. If students were not fortunate enough to have a set at home, they would have the chore of going to the library, looking through the card file, finally finding the book with the information needed. The same is true with various other methods of finding information, maps and globes when you wanted to see exactly where Madagascar was. Dictionaries and Thesauruses were the method of choice when looking for the spelling or meaning of a word and how to use it. The methods of finding information have undeniably improved in the last twenty years and continue to advance.
The next big advancement in communication technology is the telephone. It does not seem that long ago, people had what was known as party lines, two or three neighbors would share the same telephone line, if one picked up the receiver and a neighbor was talking, the other party would hang up and wait until they were finished talking or, if an emergency, politely ask to use the line. Later on, it advanced to one line per household. If someone was on the phone, a busy signal would be heard when the call was made. This could be quite irritating if there was an emergency. In some cases, the telephone operator could be called and the call would be interrupted. In the case of electrical or snow storms, the telephone lines could be knocked out and be out for days, depending on the circumstances. Today ‘landline’ phones, as they have become known, in the home, are almost a thing of the past. Almost everyone, old and young alike, have cellular telephones, these phones use signals from base stations that transmit radio frequencies, therefore, no lines are needed to communicate. There is no such...

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