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How Far Does Situation Ethics Give A Practical And Modern Way For Making Moral Decisions Religious Studies Ethics Essay

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How far does situation ethics give a practical and modern way for making moral decisions.
Situation ethics is a flexible theory that can be applied and adapted to every situation. For example, homosexual relationships are seen as wrong by most religious believers and by some atheists. However, situation ethics gives a different approach to homosexual relationships; as long as the relationship is based on love and not lust it is acceptable. Tolerance towards homosexual relationships are a relatively new concept in modern society and we are clearly able to apply situation ethics to it with the idea of agape – selfless love. Therefore, it can be assumed that it would be possible to apply this theory to future ethical problems; so situation ethics, in this example, does give a practical and modern way to make decisions.
Agape is the boss principle in situation ethics. Many people in society would struggle to follow this and show a selfless love to everyone all the time. For example, it would be hard for a person to show selfless love towards someone who has killed their entire family; not only would they have experienced a traumatic event, they would be alone. This person may feel resentment towards the killer and find it hard to show them love. Therefore, situation e4thics may not give a fair solution to some cases. In this example it is clear that this theory does not give a practical way to make moral decisions, and seems to lack the modern-day thinking.
Situation ethics is a consequentialist theory; it looks at the outcome rather than the action. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. It can be a...

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