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How Far Should The Outcome Of The Korean War Be Seen As A Triumph For The Usa? (Do Mind The Sp Mistakes My Spell Check Wasn't Working!)

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How far should the outcome of the Korean War be seen as a triumph for the USA?Before the Korean War ensued America maintained the reputation of a dominatingly, successful and unbeatable superpower, an image that was further enhanced by the fact they emerged victorious after their intervention in WWII. Consequently the inability to win the Korean War and the resulting detriments of the war was disquieting for the US, notably by the fact they had not escaped with a decisive victory over a country, which was not of critical interest to them, but merely a pawn to prove they were rigidly anti-communist. This Truman's government failed to prove to critics. Thus it can be argued regardless of the resulting stalemate and some of the relatively positive effects of the war, the outcome of the Korean War cannot be seen as a true triumph for the USA.The Korean War did not entirely result in negative consequences for the USA as containment, a policy to halt the extension of communism by containing it in North Korea was achieved, and South Korea was liberated from communism. By their involvement in the Korean War America demonstrated they would not stand by whilst communism expanded, they proved they would help countries against communism and thus seemed loyal and reinforced their image of being against communism. But containment took a lengthy time to be achieved. The policy of containment appeared to go smoothly but after the successful Inchon landing by MacArthur the policy was converted to rollback. The policy of rollback which was to roll back communism from the Korean peninsula initiated by the successful Inchon landings to roll back communism from the Korean peninsula was highly unsuccessful especially with the intervention of the provoked Chinese. Even when the policy changed abruptly back to containment Macarthur's crossing of the 38th parallel completely changed the course of the war.An impressive amount of soldiers from the Chinese Volunteering Army fought in the war and thus it was evident a military victory could not be achieved as the conflict was expanded and culminated in a lengthy ineffectual stalemate. The stalemate ended in June 1953, more than two years later.Though America may have saved South Korea from communism, the Chinese despite being isolated by America in trade and politics had managed to save North Korea from America and in addition achieved a closer bond with Russia thus for America it was clear their conflict with China was to their adversary Russia's advantage. China thus became a super power and gained much respect from surrounding Asian countries.As a result of trying to achieve containment America lost a great amount of soldiers. In fact casualties from the war were very high, with 54,246 soldiers killed a harsh blow to the American people and military spending being $220b between 1951 and 1955. This was an immense...

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