How Far Should The Uk Licensed Retail Industry Be Responsible For The Actions Of Its Customers? Critically Discuss With Reference To The Social, ...

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Alcohol is an important part of UK culture in many years which mainly consist of pub and party culture by everlasting drinking. According to the research, over 90% of adults in Britain drink alcohol (MORI,2002), more than 75% of England’s adult population go to pubs, and more than 30% are “regulars”, visiting the pub more than once a week. The consumption of alcohol increased sustainable over decades. Between 1992 to 2002, average weekly alcohol consumption among British adults (aged 16+) increased from 15.9 units to 17.2 units (Rickards et al,2004). BBC News Channel (2003) reported that Britons spend a staggering £17.2bn in pubs every year in total. As the consequences, drinking now becoming a problem occurs in the society and sometimes leads to crime and disorder due to a minority of licensed premises who do not take responsibilities seriously when selling alcohol.

Moreover, an alcohol license is not only brings opportunities but also brings responsibilities. However, the measurement of licensed retail industry like pubs, restaurants, convenience stores and booze shops to be responsible to customers should consider from social, ethical and legal sectors.

Alcohol is strongly related to crime and disorder: particularly violence, anti-social behaviour, public disorder and drink driving. From Preston local police Julie Stewart, she indicated the purposes of licensing are prevention of these crimes and public nuisance, more importantly, to protect the public and children from harm.

On the other hand, the Licensing Act controlling the sale and supply of alcohol in licensing premises which provides regulated entertainment or to provide late night refreshment. However, the provision is for the retails’ benefits as well as the public and it is retailer’s responsibility to ensure this. In fact, such issues like binge drinking or underage drinking still happening frequently and cause many troubles in nowadays.
All premises and certain activities have been granted a license to either sell alcohol or be responsible for the sale of alcohol at a venue or event. It is straightly illegal selling alcohol without a valid and appropriate license which is a valuable and essential asset of the business. The license...

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