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How Far Do You Agree With The Statement That Amir Only Saw Hassan As A Servant Not A Friend.

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How far do you agree with the statement that Amir only saw Hassan as a servant not a friend.The Kite Runner is a novel that challenges the social status of the Afghan society and the test and sacrifices of true friendship, Amir and Hassan's relationship tests both of these concepts. This is because the only factor standing between their friendship is the fact that Hassan is an different type of muslin to Amir.Amir has always seen Hassan as more than a servant. I believe this because throughout the novel Amir always looks upon the way his treated Hassan in a negative light. This can be shown in the quote "I gave him one of my old t-shirts or a broken toy and told myself that this more than made up for a harmless prank." The key word in this quote is "told myself", this shows the regret of how he treated Hassan. If Hassan was only a servant then Amir would not have felt it necessary to make up for a harmless prank, never mind regretting the prank countless years after it happened. Even though Amir feels bad for laughing at Hassan he constantly does it especially who it come to intelligence. Amir's regrets could also be down to the fact that he found out that Hassan was his half brother. This would mean that Hassan was only started to be seen as a friend after Amir knew that he was bonded by blood to him.However Amir never stood up to Hassan throughout the whole of their friendship. This can be seen in the confrontation with the soldiers mocking Hassan because of his mother, Assef on the top of the hill, Assef and the rape scene, at Amir's birthday party and when he kicked the out of the family. How can a true friend be happy to let his best mate be constantly put himself him harm's way but never, not once, even say anything to defend him yourself. Amir's actions can also been down to the social divide between Hassan and himself. What i mean by this is, that it was unheard of for anyone with any social status would not have been expected to even help a pesant like Hassan out. This can be seen in the way Soraya's father (general Taheri) talks about Sohrab and asks why "a Hazara boy" has been welcomed into there home. General Taheri is a high ranked man in the community and he considers it wrong for a Amir to have saved Sohrab from the filth in which he found him purely because he was a Hazara. Therefore even as a young child Amir would have picked up on how it was wrong for a Hazara to have...

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