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How Fast Food Effects Your Health

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Some people think that just because fast-food is cheap and easy to get, that it is good for the human body and does not have a big effect on the health of some people. Fast-food actually affects the health very negatively. All the health risks, costs, calories and the way it can affects people’s looks. Even though it is the easy way to go, it is not the healthiest; there are much healthier ways to eat. Eating healthy is the most important thing someone can do.
Getting a Big Mac from McDonalds is always the fastest thing to cook on a busy Monday night, right? But look at all the ways it can affect the human body, it could make anyone rethink that decision of eating it. If you eat fast food ...view middle of the document...

Also with diabetes, researchers have found out that sweetened soft drinks can have an effect one someone getting type 2 diabetes, or heart disease. All of these health risks can be life threatening. Most people do not think that eating fast-food can be this serious.
All the calories in a burger and fries at the local fast-food places are outrageous. When you go thru at McDonalds, or any restaurant, most people do not look at the menu and think “which one has less calories?” and that is actually something that is very important to think about. When someone goes and picks up their food at the window you look in and do not automatically think about the health risks that they are about to take. A regular McDonald’s Big Mac has 570 calories in it, and a regular hamburger has 263 calories in it. Eating that puts someone at a much higher risk of diabetes. Also, at Wendy’s a hamburger has 350 calories. This is the big one here, just getting a triple cheeseburger at Wendy’s is 1,040 calories. After a long day and have not eaten and you want to go grab a burger and want to get a triple cheeseburger from Wendy’s. Eating that burger can take up more than half of the recommended amount calories needed in a day.
With all the calories in the food it has to take a toll on the weight of someone. Studies compared someone that eats fast food less than once a week to someone that eats fast food more than three times a week. They found that the person that eats fast food three times a week on average gains ten more pounds to the other person that only eats it less than once a week (Sheenan).While gaining all the weight with eating fast food there can be things that most people. Depression is one main thing that some people can go through. Researchers found in some cases eating fast-food can become addicting. If you become addicted to this food they could have a lot of weight gain and you could get in the stages of obesity. In many cases, once someone becomes obese, they can get very depressed, and just keep eating. This can be life threatening also, if...

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