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How Women Life Changed In The 1920's?

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How women's life changed in the 1920's?In this essay I will be talking about the social changes/gains that women made in the 1920's. Attitudes were tolerant towards the working women as their husbands were off fighting to defend their country in the late 1910's, but when the war ended, attitudes changed for the better. Some of the major things that changed for women was the right to vote, could get jobs and education. The prevailing attitude that women should settle down at home and quietly care for their husbands and children. I will be explaining in further depth the social gains that changed women's life's for the better.The first social gain was one political right they achieved after the war. This was the right to vote a nd was given to women over 30 in 1918 and women over 21 in 1928. The life of the women as a political participant in the electoral process began on August 26, 1920 which after years of fighting through a male dominated legislative system granted women the right to vote. A key factor for getting the right to vote was because of the war effort as women were working in bad conditions making ammo which could have been life threatening. Other people would disagree with this and say the women's war work cannot explain why only women over the age of 30 got the vote while it was the younger women who had done the work. Rather, it is more convincing to argue that the lobbying of the feminist movement and the commitment of the Labour Party to a wider franchise were crucial factors.Many people changed their views on women and thought maybe giving the right to vote would help them. However according to a curator more conservative women resisted the change. Some women felt that their place was in the fields of child care, housework and church. Nevertheless women continued to make gains in the political area beyond simply the right to vote. Women pushed for laws ending in child labour abuses, and for improving conditions in prisons. Even more significantly in the 1920's women first received election to public office.Another way women's life's changed in the 1920's was by getting jobs but it wasn't really the best jobs. Life's improved for women but definitely wasn't equal with men. Some jobs in new and existing industries came to be considered women's work such as assembly work in the engineering, electrical, food and drink industries, as well as typing and counter-sales. However, these jobs were low paid and involved long working hours and shift work. Women workers were usually excluded from supervisory roles or work that was considered to be skilled, despite women's successful roles in such jobs during WWI. According to Dumenil, society was still hostile towards women who worked for personal fulfilment...

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