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How Women Should Act To Achieve And Keep Love

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How Women should Act to Achieve and Keep Love
Why do relationships commonly end in disaster or slowly wither away to nothing? That question could be answered in many ways. Whether the answer lies within the women’s actions, the men’s actions or both, it is something that has been an ongoing occurrence for many years. A valid explanation is that society has different expectations for acceptable male and female behaviors, which ultimately ends is a double standard that ruins relationships. However, another idea that has been more commonly researched in today’s society is that women and men think completely different and just do not understand each other. Steve Harvey’s book, “Act like a Lady, Think like a Man” is a prime example of the assumption that women do not understand how men think or how they feel when it comes to relationships. This book specifically, gives a direct representation of how most men function in relationships and it provides guidelines and advice for women from a man’s perspective about how to have a successful relationship. Furthermore, Steve Harvey’s book also explains many stereotypes that are common in today’s society about relationships and sex.
“Act like a Lady, Think like a Man,” starts of by describing how men think and the status they need to achieve in order to feel like a man. The most consistent point made in this part of the book is that men respond to life, their career goals and relationships differently than women. Harvey first put an emphasis on the idea that men need to be able to gain a title and also need positive reward from the title they have achieved. From that idea, it can then be assumed that until men do so, they are commonly not going to commit to a relationship purely because they feel they cannot provide for their girlfriend, fiancé, wife or future family. It was also made clear that when a man is working on achieving his status, whatever it may be, he typically cannot multitask in the sense of putting effort into a relationship. This part of the book also shows the differences between how men show love to their significant other and how women do or expect them to. Women commonly think that men should be outwardly affectionate toward them by talking about every detail of their day and being forward with their feelings of love and the “gushy” things of their relationship, but Steve Harvey points out that men do not show love in this way. He claims that men show their love by being upfront with their family and friends about their relationship, by providing for their woman and also by protecting them. Therefore, if those things are lacking in a relationship then he advises that women should really consider if the relationship is going somewhere. From there, Harvey gives a simple overview of the three things that men need in a relationship for it to work. He stated that men need, “Support, Loyalty and the Cookie.” Support and loyalty are quite consistent with what a female needs, but “the Cookie”...

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