How Film Has Shaped Your View Of The World Honors English Essay

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Filmography’s Change on Perception of the World
There are many books, movies, and plays published for the world with the intent of making people see the world as a better place, however, there are also many works that do the opposite and guide people to view the world as a nasty and messed up place. There are movies like Forrest Gump and Rain Man where you see how people with special needs get treated. These two films have helped me view the world as the cruel and awful place it truly is.
One of my favorite movies is Forrest Gump with Tom Hanks. While the film has a nice storyline and its fair share of jokes it clearly shows how people with mental challenges truly get treated. Forrest has an IQ of only 68 which is two points lower than the mental retardation standard of 70. Although mental retardation comes with its downfall and hindrances, those who suffer can often perform just as well as those who don’t. A prime example for this is when Forrest joins the military during the Vietnam War one of their drills during boot camp when to disassemble and clean an assault rifle, Forrest was the first one of his group to accomplish and he also did it in the fastest time the drill sergeant has seen. He also accomplishes many other outstanding successes throughout the movie, one of those being making an investment in “Some kind of Fruit Company” which turns out to be Apple Computers. Forrest and his business partner -and former Lieutenant in the war- Lt. Dan make a $10,000 investment with the profits of Bubba Gump. Andy Kiersz at Business Insider has figured that if Forrest had keep that investment to the present it would now be worth over $2.5 million, there is not many people who make that kind of money investing in the stock market. Through it all Forrest was able to overcome his mental state and lead and amazingly successful life.
Another movie that goes hand in hand with Forrest Gump is Rain Man. In this movie Dustin Hoffman plays Raymond Babbitt who has savant syndrome but is wrongly diagnosed with Autism. In...

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