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How Free Were Free Blacks In The North?

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Imagine that you are an escaped African slave. After years of being a slave you’ve finally done it, you escaped the terrors that is slavery. You are looking forward to the freedoms that you have heard are promised in the north. However, these “freedoms” are all what they were made out to be. Blacks in the north were to some extent free in the years before the Civil War. This can be shown by looking at four areas of society: political and judicial rights, social freedoms, education and job opportunities, and religious freedom.
Generally speaking, blacks in the north were somewhat free in the area of political and judicial rights. Most of the northern states in the year 1860 allowed or ...view middle of the document...

In his book, where he wrote about his travels, he says that people in the north do not want blacks in their lecture rooms, theatres, or places of that nature. Some people of the north believed they were of a superior race, and did not want to mingle with blacks. Furthermore, northerners also did not want blacks to marry with whites. This was wrong blacks were free from slavery but were not treated equally. It is important to be treated equally because if you treat them well they will do so to you as well.
In addition to political rights, another area where blacks were not completely free is in education and jobs. In some states, free blacks could get an education. This education was segregated. In the south during this time, it was illegal to teach slaves how to read or write. In the area of jobs however, things were more complicated. In a speech made by a young African-American from New York, he says that no white men will hire him and no white boys will work with him. In the speech he shows that he is discouraged
because he is being put down and refused jobs solely because of his race, not because of his talents. This limitation of freedom was important because blacks could get get an education, but it was segregated. Furthermore, they were not equally employed and didn’t get as many job opportunities as white people. This was unfair because people shouldn’t be employed because of their race, but of how good of a job they do in their field.
Undoubtedly, where northern blacks had the most freedom, was in religion. Many African-Americans were...

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