How Galaxy 4s Contributes To Our Uyopia

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Galaxy the Smartphone is what we use in our society’s utopia we use this Smartphone for numerous explanations. This high class electronic is what many people use in their everyday life for help on things and to keep in touch with others. Galaxy’s help you talk to someone in an instant even if family members or friends are across the world. This electronic also can help you take pictures in an instant the most amazing part of the Galaxy is how people can save those pictures as long as they want. The phone is like a little computer in your hand having to be able to hold a computer like device in your pocket or hand is wonderful. The phone is similar to a computer ,because you ...view middle of the document...

An example could be what many people do is forget the rest of a recipe, they could just look it up and see what the rest of a recipe but still be able to watch the food. The computer also had apps and has folders to organize things for you having the phone doing the same thing.Lastly,would be that being able to save pictures on your computer as well as saving pictures on this phone also has a similarity towards it.On the size of how it looks like sorta compares because the phone has a big screen just like the computer . The galaxy is what many people use more than an original computer,having to have that small little computer is an advantage being in a train station looking for houses to being in the car on your way to the mall and checking if they still have that jacket. Which mainly all humans do in our society’s utopia is to depend on the internet and depend that there phone will be the first resource.

There was always a trouble being able to have a conversation with someone that is far away. Many would use letters to get a hold of those far away and sometimes those who are close. The bad situation for sending letters towards others is it always took too long to get to them.People would have really important information to tell someone and sometimes humans had no time to wait to hear them.The galaxy 5s and others just helped many of those to make phone calls to tell people what they wanna hear in an instant. This phone has helped many in situations dealing with either a family member was in the hospital or sick and all the other things. Being able to call someone in an instant is better than 3 or 4 days later is like having ice cream in an instant. The best informational fact is it has great service and as Kendra Manriques says “This is the best phone ever I love it”. Its even better when you're able to send a message towards them, in our utopia all you ever see is girls and boys texting with each other. Our world depends on texting and calling with others ,but never seeing one another. This texting and calling is basically hanging out with them ,but not actually being with them. Girls are mostly the ones that take pictures of themselves and with their girl friends than what guys do. Galaxy s5 is cool because it has unlimited space for having many pictures letting girls and also guys have and save all the pictures they want.In this society you see many in...

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