How Games Affect The Mind? Essay

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How does playing games affect the mind? Well in general there is so much to talk about games. From the History of games, to the vast variety of games in America! I mean, think about it, you have to have played at least some sort of game, but first I need to not get ahead of myself and first get you more informed on the history of gaming in America! How did games come to America?
Good question, let us start off from the roots, before games even came to America. Dating back at least 2300 B.C Greeks, Japanese, Chinese and even the Romans were know to be playing risk games for amusement. Let us review the sort of games these countries played. Greeks and Romans, they both had some sort of coliseum where they pit people against each other to fight to the death. Just like a sport, like present day MMA, Wrestling, Boxing, Karate, Taekwondo, Muay Thai, Aikido, and other physical combat sports. So as you can see games were definitely involved in Greek and Roman culture. Let us move on, what about China and Japan. The ancient Chinese game of “GO” is a strategy game much more in more common with Chinese checkers than it is with chess! Yes the earliest report’s of Chinese playing this game is 548 B.C!
As you can see games have been involved in Chinese culture! Okay now let us talk about Japanese games! Sumo wrestling dates back to 250-552 A.D. Almost 2000 years ago, obviously Japanese have been playing games for awhile! All these games that we have talked about, Go, Sumo Wrestling, Physical combat sports all were ancient games played by people so long ago, so there has to be a reason why they play these games! Well get to that later were still on the history of gaming, so calm down. Let us move on to how gaming came to America! Okay so we know the roots of gaming from around the world.
Now let us analyze and draw some hypothesis on how the games came to America. Got it? Okay good. Now you most likely guest pilgrims right? Well you are partially right! What you don’t know is that gaming had been already in America even before the Pilgrims. Native Americans have played games of “chance”, these games were no fun though. They played these games for signs from the “Gods” and possibly they could’ve taken their own life if they though the God’s deemed it. So based on the sufficient evidence, we can say that games are a cultural thing. Yes that is right, but it is so much more than just a cultural influence! I just got side tracked back to the main topic!
Okay so remember how I said that you were partially right. Well yes you are because pilgrims brought their own games from their own culture back in their mother country. These games were also similar to the Native American games, but less serious it was more for entertainment purposes. The early settlers played with the lottery. You may not believe it, but the lottery was used to finance, Harvard College, but not only Harvard, but also Yale, Dartmouth, and Columbia. I am about to tell you something even more...

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