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How Gender Affects The Workplace Essay

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How Gender Affects the Workplace

There have been studies, debates and misconceptions on the differences between men and women. One area of importance is how our personal needs affect our behavior/ performance in the workplace. According to Maslow Hierarchy of needs there are basic needs which must be met before moving to the next level of need. These needs affect men and women positively and negatively.

According to Maslow men and women have individual needs such as Biological, safety, attachment, esteem, cognitive, aesthetic, self-actualization and Transcendence . Each need must be met before moving to the next level of need. Maslow's hierarchical theory of needs is often represented as a pyramid (see attached)

It has been said, "Man cannot live by bread alone". We have basic biological such as the need to eat, rest, and water, oxygen and even sex. Our bodies react negatively if; these basic biological needs are deprived from us. We dehydrate if go without water for a long period of time. People have died from hunger-lack of food. And, everyone needs oxygen in order to function properly or it can negatively affect the brain and other bodily organs. Most of us today probably couldn't imagine going one day without food. Unfortunately, many people have to work twice as hard in order to have a place to live or to eat for a day.

Once biological needs are met men and women have the need for security. Security is the need to feel safe, to feel assured that one is aware of what is going to happen ahead of time. Although the need for security has proven to be greater among women than men, insecurity can affect both genders negatively personally and, in the workplace.

Security is whatever makes one feel safe, balance, grounded, secure that everything will be all right. However, being overly cautious, fearful, paralyzed, indecisive, frozen in place, unable to function is insecurity. These negative behaviors can cause men and women to

America is known as the land of the free. Today, we have millions of immigrants flocking to the land of freedom and opportunity. Freedom is a need for independence and spontaneity. Similar to a teenager' desire to explore the world once, he/she becomes eighteen years old. It's the need to have choices and to feel in control of making individual choices. To some freedom can be combined with adventure. Adventure is the need for that "adrenaline rush". The "Big experience" to have drama in ones life, sense of anticipation like skydiving and or buying a new car. Some people find freedom in changing jobs, solving problems or becoming an entrepreneur for the first time. Freedom can create a sense of high self-confidence, independence, risk taking, optimism, excitement, and enthusiasm. Adventure/freedom can create crisis and havoc if used inappropriately as a disregard for life or others such as, inconsideration of fellow co-workers, family and friends.

Both men and women who have a...

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