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How Generosity Helps Make A Good Human

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What we become often seems predetermined by our circumstances as human beings. However, our nature is not and never has been invincible. Only those with the strength, courage, and patience to endure the hardship are there to reap the reward in the end. But reality raises the question, how do we determine what our circumstances are? We have the competence to make whatever changes we wish to make in our lives if it means enough to us. Is that not why every human being lives? To fulfill needs? As a people, as a race, as a sect in nature, we have been predisposed to failure and hardship. Over time, we have matured into a faction that consists of individuals that exist for similar ambitions. We, as humans, aspire to fulfill needs, to better our lives, and to ultimately become successful. We’ve been taught to bear certain characteristics in order to become adequate human beings. Characteristics such as kindness, truthfulness, responsibility, etc. Yet, a noteworthy characteristic we often overlook and minimally discuss is generosity. However, what defines generosity?

A generous individual can be described as one who grants to others in need, however is only concerned with the condition of the collector and not of their own contraction. By definition, authentic generosity requires one to comprise a degree of contentment. One must acknowledge the reality that granting rightfully owned assets to another individual means one will possess less. Subsequently, contentment establishes the foundation for generosity. Remarkably enough, the practice of generosity results in the further development of satisfaction in the giver. Given the current circumstances, our world is in desperate need of optimistic and selfless givers. They advance mankind. They motivate us. They are capable of instilling change in society. Generosity, when practiced, is an omnipresent, all transcending, streaming current which sustains what is left of humanity and is unconditionally imperative to mankind. Generosity is unique in that it can be found anywhere in the world and at any given time in history. Whether it is practiced in China, or a city in Africa, it is all the same. Acts of generosity can be identified by any individual, even if the understanding of the concept is minimal. Generosity can even been seen in our history books. The promotion of...

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