How God Works Essay

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For God commands Rejoice in the Lord, you the angels to guard just and praise his holy you in all your ways. name. Psalm 97:12 Psalm 91:11 Let them praise your great and awesome name holy is God. Psalm 99:3 ...view middle of the document...

Psalm 99:2 high. Psalm 91:14 How great are your works, Lord! How profound your purpose! Psalm 92:6 The Lord is with me To the end. Lord, your love endures forever.Psalm 138:8 Your way, O God, is holy; what god is as great as our God? Psalm 77:14 You alone are the God that did wonders. Psalm 77:15 Say to the Lord, "My refuge And fortress, my God in whom I trust. Psalm 91:2 Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the world. Psalm 96:1 Sing to the Lord, bless his; announce his salvation day after day. Psalm 96:2 The Lord is king; let the earth rejoice; let the many islands be glad. Psalm 97:1 The heavens proclaim God's justice; all people see his glory. Psalm 97:6 Bless the Lord, my soul; do not forget all the gifts of God. Psalm 103:2

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Philosophy Argument - Blaise Pascal's Gamble

1226 words - 5 pages found the same thing as well), and other works of math. As a scientist, he invented the hydraulic press and the syringe. He also did a lot of work on pressure, hence the name of the unit of pressure. As a religious philosopher, Blaise Pascal investigated the existence of God and came up with an answer unlike any other philosopher before him.Blaise Pascal's answer was called "Pascal's Wager" or "Pascal's Gambit". "Pascal's Wager" is an argument which

Who is God and What can we know about God

1311 words - 5 pages something that caused the existence of the universe. Everything in creation is possible, but there must be a certain one who is necessary to the universe for its possibilities to unfold. Humans seek perfection, so there must be someone who is perfect for humans to seek it, and finally the universe works well, and the design and way the world works is perfect so there must be someone of great intelligence that designed it. God is described as many

The Existence Of God

1209 words - 5 pages The Existence of God Works Cited Not Included For centuries, the idea of God has been a part of man's history. Past and present, there has always been a different integration consisting of the believers and the non-believers of God. The group of those who have "faith" in God tend to be related to one religion or another. On the other hand, the skeptics find the existence of God somewhat puzzling and try to seek the answers through

The story of Job

1084 words - 5 pages redeemer lives!’” Job although is angry with God he never stops believing in Him. After all his suffering in the end he realizes that he cannot understand how God works. Part 2: Discuss how this story is Israel’s story. Scholars have proposed different beliefs of the date of the book of Job ranging from Moses in the 13th century to the 2nd century B.C. The setting in the beginning of the chapter makes scholars believe the book is very old and could

C.S. Lewis: Mere Christianity

1244 words - 5 pages C.S. Lewis: Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis covers many topics in his fourth book contained in Mere Christianity titled BEYOND PERSONALITY: OR FIRST STEPS IN THE DOCTRINE OF THE TRINITY. He addresses such topics as theology, what it means to be the Son of God, the three personal God, the relationship of God and time, the cost of being a Christian, how God works to turn us into image of Christ, why Christian growth is both hard and easy, and

Views of transcendentalism versus puritanism; looking at "sinners in the hands of an angry god" by johnathan edwards and "nature" by ralph waldo emerson

1034 words - 4 pages The Puritans see God as mysteriously involved in the acts of the universe, whereas the transcendentalists think God is connected to mankind through nature and intuition. The outlook on Puritan writing is that their style tends to be plain and introspective. Transcendentalist writing shows how nature and feelings are triumphant over logic and rationality. In contrast to the plain style of Puritan writing, Jonathan Edwards frequently strikes his

The Role God Plays

1339 words - 5 pages everything works. What was once took as religious fact is now seen as mythical stories that we can learn from but may have not necessarily existed. However like a good myth God works along with the emotions and actions of our culture and still shapes how people think and treat each another. As mentioned earlier God has become representative of goodness and fairness and the positive ideas that govern people into making rational and moral

Does Belief In God Make Sense In The Modern World?

647 words - 3 pages been changed from immorality to morality. Former prostitutes, former Nazi pilot, former criminals, former gang leader, the list goes on. Surely, religious people argue, all these people could not just be changed without a God. If these sorts of people could be changed, God must make sense in the modern world. Dietrich Bonhoeffer says, "If Jesus Christ is not true God, how could He help us? If he is not true man, how could He help us?" This leads

The Achievements of Saint Thomas Aquainas

641 words - 3 pages Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1272) is fundamentally an Aristotelian, and for some, one of the greatest philosophers, and one of the best theologians. His theological writings became regulative of the Catholic Church and his commentaries on Aristotle, represents a great cultural resource, which are now receiving a greater recognition. As a very catholic man, he tried to prove the existence of God. But How? Thomas Aquinas recognized that there

Analysis of The Abrahamic Covenant

1359 words - 5 pages The Abrahamic Covenant is a combination of all the promises given to Abraham by God while he was journeying to Ur of Chaldeans. The twelve tests given to Abraham during the journey provided a photo to believers that this man had saving faith. The last three tests that Abraham endured not only showed the believers who study the bible how much faith Abraham had, but explains God’s love as well. God was pleased to know that Abraham did not

Exegesis Paper Outline: Exodus 3: 14-17

1140 words - 5 pages is not an unloving god who watches over his children and does nothing when they suffer. He is not a god that ignores old promises. He is an omnipresent God that helps his children and doesn’t break a covenant. God allows himself to be known by his people because he is a devoted god. He is, has been, and always will be our god. Works Cited Xisto, Daniel. "How to Write an Exegesis Paper." Thesis. N.d. How to Write an Exegesis Paper: AN

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650 words - 3 pages expand the kingdom of God. Out of love, Christians want to do public works for the glory of God; how exactly a disciple magnifies the kingdom is uniquely crafted in the hands of God. A disciples’ works and actions to exalt God do not have to be giving money to the poor or feeding the children Africa; godly actions can be to show the light of Christ through teaching, singing, or acting, the list never ends. One can live what society believes to

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992 words - 4 pages not committed by God. He also cannot be blamed for giving us an infinite will, as the will is nothing but a simple infinite entity. How can we perceive something distinctly and clearly? According to Descartes it was possible for God to create him with an insurmountable inclination to assent only to those things, which were distinctly and clearly perceived by him, but God is infinite and His ways are inscrutable. Descartes writes in his Meditation

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877 words - 4 pages Milton’s Paradise Regained tells the story of The Son of God’s temptations by Satan. Milton takes his own version of how he imagines the biblical story. We see the temptations of Christ throughout Paradise Regained amplify in intensity and put spiritual last through Milton’s choice of order. Previously Satan has attempted to tempt The Son of God with food, turning stone to bread, even after fasting for forty days. The Son of God stood his ground

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962 words - 4 pages The Controversial Subject of God The topic of god is a very controversial subject that has been argued about ever since the beginning of mankind. Because God is so controversial, many battles have been fought to preserve one’s own beliefs. I myself, have my own beliefs on what I think god is and how god was created. Many theologians have different beliefs of who god is and why he exists. But the most common answer you will receive