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How Beautiful Are We Essay

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Beautiful is the object in which beauty resides and it provides us with eternal joy, peace and comfort. Man leads his life in the pursuit of beauty that can provide him with happiness. Indeed, by having beautiful things man wishes to be beautiful. He hankers from pillar to post to find beauty. Occasionally, he is misguided by transitory and fake illusions of beauty. He considers collecting materialistic possessions as the harbinger of beauty and ultimate happiness. He deteriorates smiles on many a faces, snatches crumb from many a mouths to acquire that wealth. When he becomes wealthy he forgets why did he start collecting wealth; does the wealth accumulation have landed him an inch closer to his ultimate goal? He keeps amassing wealth for wealth without asking himself the guiding principle for it. So, money acts as an illusion for this kind of man leading unsatisfied life with no pleasure and beauty.Another man is illumined by the physical beauty of men and women. He starts hating dark people. He dislikes handicapped. He wishes to live all his life besides those pretty maidens as he thinks that they are the source of beauty in this world. As age advances these fair dames are no longer pretty. The scythe of time would reap rosy cheeks and red lips. The criss-cross of aging skin would run from neck to forehead and forehead to neck. The shining eyes would glitter not .So this kind of man is also wasting his powers.There is yet another category of Homo Sapien whose gentle touch has healed hundreds. He has with him the abode of heavenly happiness in his hut. He lives with a dark lady, hardly has square meals a day, has a handicapped son but when beauty was sought it was found with him in abundance. His cottage has been a shelter for many travelers many a times. His stock of grains has fed several. His humble smile has melted metal.Beauty which provides joy lies in doing beautiful deeds. Meaning thereby when we start making the lives of others beautiful and happy our lives are also improved by the addition of immortal beauty into it. Beauty lies in the realization of what we are and what we should be. Being beautiful is a concept that how successful are we in enriching our lives with virtues like kindness, benevolence, affection and love. Face is the mirror of heart and mind, body and soul. If there is contentment and benevolence in the heart that would appear on the face. Mahatma Buddha face is so serene, so gentle, so pious, so benevolent and hence so beautiful. Beauty lies in truth. Truth which is pleasing and kind,...

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