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How Great Exactly Is The British Empire?

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Throughout history, people of diverse cultures and different social standings have all shared the common issue of conforming to society's standards, unable fit the mold their community provides for them. The British civilization, the oldest societies recorded in history, has evolved drastically since it’s creation and even this great empire had its own issues with classism. The playwright George Bernard Shaw publicly displays the struggles of the poverty stricken class of the late nineteenth century. Through his underprivileged character, Eliza Doolittle and her desperate attempt to escape her unfortunate stereotype as a woman and as a member of the poor, in his beloved drama Pygmalion. ...view middle of the document...

Higgins has only care for changing the way she presents herself to the public or the her speech, in order for her pass as a duchess at an ambassador’s garden party (Shaw 1.). However, he did not look at the bigger picture because Eliza did not change the persona of the flower girl.
When people from poverty improve their social standing, he or she does not know how to adapt to their new class standards. Most people often do not know how to act, speak or behave in certain situations. The wealthy are stereotypically more well mannered and the poor are not held up by any standard of politeness. Eliza was brought up in a place, that would be considered as foreign to the wealthy upper class and she was thrown into their environment. Throughout the Act I, Eliza has ridiculed for “[being] very dirty” the poor flower girl sitting on the curb, (Shaw 1.). This presents a completely different aspect of society’s opinion on the poor. In every civilization, the poor is constantly looked down upon as a whole because of their unfortunate circumstances. Before Eliza participates in Higgins’s experiment she would let out an unpleasant cooing “Ah-ah-ah-ow-ow-ow-oo” (Shaw 1.). During the experiment when Eliza was first presented to the public, Mrs. Higgins’s residences. Eliza carried out her part very well and behaved correctly that the Eynsford Hills believed that she was a higher class than themselves, while in reality she was lower than them. Through the months of intense phonetics training, Eliza has learned how to play the part of a duchess. However she did cannot keep up this act all the time and breaks it when she was startled by the appearance of her father later and lets out a similar sound as she did it before “A-a-a-a-a-ah-ow-ooh!” (Shaw 5.) No matter how much she changes her outer appearance, or...

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