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"How Was Hitler Able To Successfully Capture The Hearts And Minds Of The German People And Achieve Such Great Power?"

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Hitler's rise to power was one of circumstance and propaganda. He knew how to use certain situations to gain authority and seize the senses and emotions of the German people. Hitler made use of the Treaty of Versailles to stir the emotions of the Germans and broadcast his shared resentment towards the treaty. This successfully persuaded the Germans to support Hitler and his party. Hitler deeply benefited from the Great Depression as the Germans blamed their government for their hardship and turned to Hitler, who promised an end to their misfortune. Propaganda was used as a powerful persuasive tool by Hitler. He applied propaganda to Germany's everyday life, so the people could not escape from it. This consequently led to Hitler effectively grabbing the people's hearts and thoughts, convincing them to believe in his views.The Treaty of Versailles inflicted the deepest wounds on Germany's people; Hitler effectively used this weakness to seize the emotions and consciousness of the Germans to achieve his great power. The Treaty of Versailles, which Germany was forced to sign in 1919, left the Germans feeling bitter and outraged. Hitler made it clear to the Germans that he shared the same reaction. In Hitler's book Mien Kampf, which he wrote in 1924, states 'The peace treaty which Germany signed in 1919 is unfair. It must be canceled and the land which it took from Germany must be returned'. Hitler's shared views effectively stirred the emotions of the Germans, persuading them to support him and his party. The Germans were in great turmoil with their endurance of the treaty's consequences of hyperinflation and the great depression. Here, they were faced with a passionate political figure who shared their resentment towards the Treaty of Versailles. The Germans were desperate for a strong figurate leader to direct them out of their sufferings caused by the treaty. This seizure of the Germans' hearts and minds, consequently led to Hitler's rise to succession.The Great Depression caused by the Treaty of Versailles greatly contributed to Hitler's rise in power, as the Germans wanted change. By 1929, the Great Depression had hit hard all over the world. Germans were losing their jobs, and their way of life was radically changing right before their eyes. They needed to reconstruct their lives and get back on their feet once again, economically, politically, and socially. The Germans needed a way out of this collapse quickly, and Adolf Hitler was there for their rescue. The Germans had lost faith in the Weimar government and many of them wanted to see a change. The Germans felt that their government had failed them and they were looking for a way out of their financial problems. The depression was important as Hitler could exploit these Germans, and these people came in their millions. Hitler promised Germany that if he was elected he would get rid of unemployment. This convinced many Germans to vote for Hitler's Party. The depression strengthened Hitler's...

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