How Hampton Inn Guarantees "100% Satisfaction"

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Human ResourceCase StudyQuestion1. Does Hampton's new HR strategy fit with the hotel's business strategy?Answer: If you're not 100% satisfied, we don't expect you to pay. That's Hampton's new HR strategy. This guarantee allows every Hampton Inn employee to do whatever it takes to satisfy guests- including giving them their money back. Furthermore, every employee would go through a three-day training program, they knew that the guarantee "100% satisfaction" was something special. It became more and more apparent that the new Hampton Inn guarantee would affect all of their jobs, each team member owns this promise to every guest: friendly service, clean rooms, comfortable surroundings, every time. That's their commitment and guarantee.The Hampton Inn believes that guests who go away impressed with the way that the company handled a problem will spread the word and generate additional business for the chain. As a result of this, the Hampton Inn has been making profits, this indicates that the strategies put in place Human resource strategies have been effective and have assisted the resorts in increasing their sales and turnover and eventually higher profits. Therefore, Hampton's new HR strategy perfectly fit with the hotel's business strategy.Question2. How does Hampton's new HR strategy allow the hotel to deal with environment threats more effectively?Answer: For many companies, improving quality standards and keeping customers satisfied are key concerns in maintaining a competitive position in the marketplace. But these intangible goals often can be difficult to achieve in practice. For the Hampton Inn hotel chain, the company sits on the bedrock of its 100% Hampton Guarantee, which is the foundation of the brand. The solution has come in the form of an innovative customer satisfaction guarantee, which not only helps the company ensure quality and satisfaction on an ongoing basis, but also makes definite contributions to the bottom line.While the goal of the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee is to give every guest a satisfying stay, the guarantee has made employees' jobs more satisfying as well. When Hampton Inn tells employees that they can do whatever it takes to make a guest happy -without needing approval from a manager they're telling employees that they trust them to do their jobs. This type of trust motivates employees to do a better job, and makes them try harder to deliver excellent customer service. Employees...

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