How Has Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Ptsd, And Schizophrenia Been A Factor For Repetitive Self Harm In Southeast London?

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How has depression, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and schizophrenia been a factor for repetitive self harm in Southeast London?

This question will be approached by using a qualitative research study method.
The goal of qualitative research is to hear the silenced voices by exploring a group population where variables can not be easily measured. Interactions among people are difficult to capture, and therefore, existing issues such as gender differences, race economic status and individual differences may not be measured properly by only variables.
qualitative research can be is used increase understandings that can add general knowledge to improve and implement policies and interventions ...view middle of the document...

This realist view is opposite of the propositions of positivism and empiricism. Social research therefore, is not simply to collect observations on the social world, but to explain the observations within a logical structure in order to study the hidden mechanisms which influence people actions and prevent their choices from reaching frutation. )The exploratory approach intends to find out what is happening , by generating new insights, asking questions, generating ideas and hypotheses for future research while assessing the phenomena in a new light.


The methodology approach behind sampling will be the interpretivist ethnographic method. Interpretivists are focused on understanding the social world people have produced and how they create their activities based on their perception. This everyday reality consists of interpretations and meanings behind other people’s actions, social situations, and natural and culturally created objects. Ethnographic approaches includes such a variety of different perspectives and activities that the idea of complying to one ethnographic position, is difficult to achieve. Many researchers label themselves as Ethnographers, and they have been extremely influential in the development of qualitative research. Atkinson et al. stated that despite the vast diversity in the practice and orientation of ethnography, its also shares some common features such as; being grounded in a commitment to the first-hand experience and exploration of a specific social or cultural setting by observation. Even though, fieldwork encompasses the use of other research methods, observation and participation are key methods in the ethnographic approach.
These researchers seek external participants who have unique experiences that differ than the population as whole. Therefore, in order to illuminate the research, qualitative studies often focus on diversity and difference.
Unlike quantitative research, qualitative research tends to be more problematic because it requires more consideration. Unlike collecting visitor numbers, qualitative research seeks to discover the qualities of a participant's experience. There best and most effective way of gathering this information is through interviewing.
Therefore,purposive sampling will be used to generate explanations and theory from the data they collect. Participants are selected by knowledge and expressiveness relevant to the question. I would also include theoretical samples as I will be including incidents/events, time periods or locations which will offer insight into research question.
Observation and data collection will be made from in depth open-ended questions interviews that provide flexibility to shape the question based on observations and responses.. I will not assume the role of an expert researcher with constricted questions. My questions will change and become more refined during the process of research to reflect an increased understanding of the...

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