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How Has Obesity Affected Children? Essay

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Obesity has become a great issue in America. Many families eat fast food every day, while ignoring the risks of the foods they eat. Fast food restaurants have expanded over time. Families turn to fast food because it is convenient and cheap. It is embarrassing that we as Americans are automatically thought of as fat. Not only has obesity affected adults but it has also affected many children in this country.
"The percentage of overweight children in the United States is growing at an alarming rate, with 1 out of 3 kids now considered overweight or obese." (Overweight and Obesity). Obesity has become common in children. Children spend most of their time eating and watching tv instead of ...view middle of the document...

"Sugary drinks are the largest source of added sugar and an important contributor of calories in the diets of children in the United States.12 High consumption of sugary drinks, which have few, if any, nutrients, has been associated with obesity.13 On a typical day, 80% of youth drink sugary drinks." (A Growing Problem). This is a very shocking statistic. Why don't parents present their kids with healthy foods? By eating junk food, they are doing more harm than anything to their bodies. Junk food is low in nutritional value.
An example of a typical fast food mean that is popular in children is a McDonald's happy meal. A McDonald's happy meal consists of the choice of a cheeseburger, regular hamburger, or a 4 piece chicken nuggets; along with that it comes with kid size fries, apple slices, and the choice of a fat free white and or chocolate milk, or apple juice. This meal itself has a whopping 410 calories. According to the McDonald's website, the chicken nuggets happy mail consists of, "30% fat, 14% carbs, 15g of sugar, and 18g of protein." (Current My Meal Builder Summary). The American Heart Association has a nutrition chart on their website that proves the estimated calories recommended for various age groups and gender of children. For example, the chart claims that a "4-8 year old female should eat 1200kcal a day with only 25-35% kcal of fat in her diet." (Dietary Recommendations for Healthy Children). When you do the math, the happy meal equals one third of a 4-8 year old girls daily calorie intake. The happy meal does not even contain any essential nutrients. In conclusion, a typical fast food meal is a waste for the human body.
Overweight children can be affected in school. There is a chance that other kids will not accept...

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