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How Has Poetry You Have Studied This Year Developed Your Appreciation Of Other Times And Other Places?

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Jake Clarke
1. How has the poetry you have studied this year developed your appreciation of other times and other places?Poetry is the language of the soul; a language shared by all but understood only by the minority that take the time to listen and feel its tune. The impression created by the words and lyrics of a poem is perhaps the most powerful form of reflection that has ever existed. Poetry sanctions creativity and expression. It bestows the freedom to reflect on events and accomplishments experienced by every individual. The power of the imagination is the power to create, and through the power of creation; beliefs, appreciations and truths specific to every individual are shaped. Edgar Allan Poe and Robert Lee Frost are two classic poets that evoke appreciations from readers. Each poem is embedded with meanings that draw particular presumptions. Through these meanings, poets communicate persuasions that compel the reader to imagine the times and places the poem was written in.Poe and Frost are two poets that centre deeply on metaphors and philosophy raising questions such as- 'What is reality?', 'What is real?' and perhaps the most quintessential 'What is the meaning of life?' 'A Dream Within A Dream' and 'Eldorado' by Poe and 'Nothing Gold Can Stay' and 'The Road Not Taken' by Frost are no exception.Throughout 'A Dream Within A Dream' Poe uses continuous sounds ('Take this kiss upon the brow / And in parting from you now. / Thus much let me avow-') and eerie diction to create a very mellow, trancelike setting for his poem. This serves two purposes - to enforce the 'dream' that is the title of the poem, and also lull the reader. This communicates how people become engrossed in the rhythms of everyday life and forget we are all part of something larger and it is with this message that Poe tries to make us think and develop our own appreciations of his poetry.Chaotic emotions described in the second stanza of the poem 'A Dream Within A Dream' depict an outpouring of anguish from someone who has lived their life without questioning, and is suddenly only realising what they are missing. Holding the sand ('And I hold within my hand/ Grains of the golden sand-') seems to be a metaphor for holding onto the perceptions and truths that are developed out of daily life. The narrator realises that his life will not last forever, and is suddenly in doubt about the past and future. The title is also symbolic to when you wake up from a dream, to realise it was all pointless and not real. In particular the realisation you come too when waking up can relate to the realisation that we will all one day die. Poe once again using messages to develop and influence our appreciations of the times and places described in the poem.'Nothing Gold Can Stay' by Frost is another poem that utilises metaphors and centres on the theme; death is inevitable and this is prevalent in the title. Green ('Nature's first green is gold,') is a synonym for immaturity,...

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