How Has Technology Change Our Life Positively?

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21st century, we live in the era of technology-driven world. Human never stopped the development of technology, because we always have a natural tendency to pursue a higher level of human being. Technology is the best evidence of human intelligence, has shown that we are different from other animals. We live with technology since we born. Although it has intervene our daily life heavily that we can’t no longer live without, nobody can deny the achievements it has brought to us.
Technology has make our life more productive in many different ways. One of the greatest invention is Apple’s products. It leads an evolution of tablet devices. IPad or IPhone can act as a textbook, laptop, navigation, camera, notebook, gaming devices and more. It combines all the other devices into one which allows to manage our time effectively. “This is not a simple proposition, since our devices have become more closely coupled to our sense of our bodies and increasingly feel like extension of our minds” said Sherry Turkle. They are becoming part of ourselves. Perhaps some people are saying technology causes laziness because we are relying more on a devices instead of doing stuff by our self, but technology are intended to make our lives easier. We are still doing the same thing but in a more effectively way. Human race are moving on, we cannot stay in an era where people are still using paper map to find out the way, sending letter through the post office. If there is a natural selection in Human Evolution, there is also can be a natural selection in human’s behaviors, inefficient behaviors are being eliminating.
Another reason that technology has made our life more productive is communication. How communication proved that technology changes our lives positively? One person cannot communicate with hundreds of people at once, but technology made this possible. We release messages to different people at once through e-mail, facebook or twitter… Texting message allows us to talk to people far away at any time. Perhaps these communication tools are just too effective that makes them so popular. Therefore people spend plenty of time on texting or emailing which may seems like people are losing time to take their time. But in facts, these tools make 24 hours a day become “48 hours a day”. Social media makes the world smaller and our social circle gets bigger which...

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