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How Has Technology Changed The Way We Communicate

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For many, especially persons that have not given technology a chance, they believe that this digital age has crippled humans’ ability to progress outside in the real world. A simple “hello” can sometimes intervene with a status post. One of the bigger impacts is on those already struggling with social impairments. How do we as a society progress outside the virtual world? Leaning (2002), offers the viewpoint that because we impose our “determinism” to technology, the lines between the world of technology and the real world intertwines. Therefore things like writing and speaking are shortened and become the norm. The importance of using our hands and mouths to project ...view middle of the document...

“Time spent in social interaction which is part of the communication process has decreased dramatically in all familiar settings and social institutions; from the family to the school. As a result there is a gap between efficiency in terms of speed, and effectiveness in terms of quality communication. This can be called the “communication effectivity gap” which manifests itself in increased social and intercultural conflicts, increased misunder-standings among individuals, groups, and organizations, and many individuals at various levels with the inability to communicate effectively both in writing and speaking” (McFarlane, 2010). What then, if the only bridge left to cross over the divide is technology?

According to David Crystal, who wrote Txtng: The Gr8 Db8 (2008), the grounds for communicating have been shortened. If texting is a language then why are we subjected to extended writing? Young adults, and many adults who have grown up during the text phenomenon have taken it up as an easy and fast form of writing. The decrease in correct, formatted and grammatically accurate texting is almost none existent. At the same time, the younger generations are exposed to learn two forms of writing, the long hand and the shortened easy way of getting messages across.

Not only is the texting language neglectful of correct spelling, it provides another issue with communication. For those of us who do not have a texting dictionary, and have not grown up with “jtluk” (just to let you know) or “h2cus” (hope to see you soon) interpretation is needed, which is contradicting for those who wish to communicate on a faster level. Because many of us are still learning how to text, we assume that a “quick response” from others is reasonable (Crystal, 2008).

An additional matter is that of international communication. With texting, words are chopped and numbers are added. Those coming from other countries and wishing to communicate through texting, will have to learn the shorthand which is also conflicting to the time and effort they spent in trying to learn another language. As McFarlane (2010) expresses, “Communication in our modern technologically fast-paced society suffers from “social myopia” because individuals now desire fast and brief communication with less emphasis placed on appropriateness in linguistic forms, respectful and orderly expressions, and quality effectiveness which is a time-consuming venture.”

To push the subject forward, another aspect that we come across is that of lead-ership. communication. “Leaders who are unsuccessful have not mastered “The Art of Connecting” or communicating effectively with their followers. They fail to understand the core principles of human communication and have not taken the time to effectively communicate their visions to followers or to fulfill the other actions of the communication process such as listening, speaking, repeating, reflecting, and providing adequate feedback, etc to their...

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