How Has Technology Created A More Efficient Washing Machine?

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The word “Laundromat” was coined by George Edward Pendray, an employee of the Westinghouse Corporation. In 1936, the very first Laundromat in the United States opened for business in Forth Worth, Texas and was run by Noah Brannen” (Answerbag, 2010). Laundry has always been a chore. However thanks to technology we now able to clean clothes at home as effectively as a laundromat.
Stephen Butler a professional launderer once said, “The general idea, of course, in any first-class laundry, is to see that no shirt or collar ever comes back.” Technology has enabled truth to inhibit this quote in that the mechanisms of today’s washing machines create not only have created a better product but a more efficient one as well. Washing machines now are water and energy saving devices with simpler designs that contain less moving parts thus using less water and ensuring less wear and tear on the product providing an economically smart system. The idea of the laundromat came to life as population continued to rise and people began moving from homes in the country into apartments in the city. Britain’s first self-service coin-operated launderette opened in 1949 and according to the National Association of the Launderette Industry (NALI), numbers in the UK peaked at 12, 500 in the 1980’s but have since have dwindled to just 3,000. (BBC, 2010)
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) stated that choosing a machine that lowers water increases efficiency. However the size machine chosen also plays a role. Most conventional clothes washers use approximately 40 gallons of water per use however large capacity efficiency models use less than 25 gallons per cycle. Additional savings can be found by switching to high efficiency electronic models as they automatically adjust water level based on the size of the load. In addition for a given temperature cycle, energy use is almost directly proportional to the amount of hot water used and a hot water wash with warm rinse costs 5-10 minutes more than a cold wash rinse.
Washing machines have a water level control. This setting saves energy by running one large load instead of two medium loads. Unfortunately, most manufacturers do not publish the actual water use of their machines in the user manual, so it is difficult to compare one brand to another. A user has to be responsible and learn about the efficiency setting. Technology without a clear explanation can be complicated. According to the Rainbow Power Company, modern washing machines are surprisingly energy efficient. Most modern washing machines have many of electronics and need a sine wave inverter to operate. There are so many power consumptions that recently tested such as Simpson Ezi Wash, Fischer & Paykel Smart Excellence, and LG. Meaning, the maximum total results of all loads on all washing machines are 85Wh/load. (Power Consumption of Washing Machines Par 5)
The most important thing about washing machine is about the frivolous product,...

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