How Has The Company Guess? Established Itself In The Business Environment Over The Last Five Years?

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ContentsSection One - Executive Summary2Section Two - Introduction2Section 2.1- What we have to do2Section 2.2 - The History2Section Three - Business Environment Internal/External3Section 3.1 -3Section Four - Marketing4Section 4.1 - Competition Analysis4Section 4.2 - GAP Inc5Section 4.3 - Tommy Hilfiger5Section 4.4 - SWOT Analysis6Section 4.4.1 - Strengths6Section 4.4.2 - Weaknesses7Section 4.4.3 - Opportunities7Section 4.4.4 - Threats8Section Five - Personnel/Motivation, Turnover etc8Section 5.1 - Challenging The Company8Section Six - Financial Accounting9Section 5.1 - Looking At The Last Five Years9Section 5.1.1 - Year Ending 31st December 199810Section 5.1.2 - Year Ending 31st December 199910Section 5.1.3 - Year Ending 31st December 200010Section 5.1.4 - Year Ending 31st December 200110Section 5.1.5 - Year Ending 31st December 200211Section Seven - Conclusion11Section 7.1- Looking Back11Section Eight - Recommendations11Section 8.1- Ideas Of Ways To Improve The Company11Section Nine - Bibliography12Section 9.1- Books12Section 9.2 - Web Addresses12Section Ten - Appendices13Section 10.1 - Challenges13Section 10.2 - Diagram With Details13Section 10.3 - Apparel Sales15Section 10. 4 - Growth Rates16Section 10.5 - Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and an Income Table18Section 10.6 - Group Members22Section 10.7 - Group Progress Report22Section 10.8 - Action Plan24Section One - Executive SummaryThis report will include relevant research sections on how the company GUESS? has established itself in the business environment over the last five years, with the importance of updating their technology to increase the number of sales/profit.A SWOT analysis of the company will show its strengths and weaknesses, this will also be compared to its competitors, showing the differences and similarities between them.A financial section will be put together looking back at previous years Net Revenue including effects of September 11th 2001.A review the company will take place and recommendations will be put forward that we think could be useful in the future.Section Two - IntroductionSection 2.1- What we have to doWe have been asked to write a business report which answers the following question:-How, and what ways, have changes in its competitive environment influenced its strategy, organisational structure, and performance during the last five years? What recommendations does your group make for its future success?Section 2.2 - The HistoryGuess? was established in the USA in the late 1970s by four French brothers: Maurice, Paul, Armand and Georges Marciano. Originally Guess? designed and manufactured jeans for the ladies designer market, in a bid to increase sales, expansion into further markets was made. During the 80s men's jeans were created, along with lines in watches, eyewear, perfume and sportswear. Guess? Also expanded beyond the States and through the 90s as market share was continually increased, sales improved gradually. Further lines were introduced...

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