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How Has The Media Portrayed Islam In Societies Around The World?

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It’s difficult to explain a wide topic such as the media’s portrayal of Islam and the misconceptions surrounding it. The question is about the portrayal of Islam in the media. Nothing hurts the perception of Islam more than the media’s smearing and mud-slinging. People listen to the media, and then criticize a whole religion based on what they see and hear. That’s merely the ignorance aspect. At the same time, as a Muslim it is my responsibility, mine, not all Muslims together, but every person individually to clear the misconceptions and ignorance. Everyone has their own identity, whether cultural or religious. I identify with my culture as a Muslim first then as an Arab. Religion is looked ...view middle of the document...

The media also portrays Muslims as savages and killers; they use patriotism as a tool as well, showing dead American soldiers to say that the Muslims did this.
I’d be crazy to say that there is some kind of government agenda going against all Muslims, and that they’re ought to get us at some point, because that’s not it. I’m not going to say that because I can’t prove it. Muslims today around the world don’t know what they’re doing. We expect to live happy when we failed to satisfy Allah. We expect to get what we want when we already have more than enough, more than we need or should I say deserve. That “government agenda”, and that “black list” isn’t even there, it’s just our imagination. We just had to blame it on someone. But we drew the attention to ourselves by reacting, but instead we need to learn to RESPOND.
Opinions matter and everyone is entitled to their opinion. The opinions and views Islam has been getting from people is unbelievable and creates conflicts, and all caused by the misunderstanding leaning more to miscommunication and misrepresentation from Muslims. One can ask so many questions, “What are the causes of extremism and anti-Americanism?”, “Why do Muslims hate us?”, and “What do Muslim women think about their status in Islam?”, “What are the causes of global terrorism?” and many more. The answer to these questions is with Muslims, but none would be interested in answering them, they simply are a headache. The public’s opinion is shaped through what I call media deception. The media brings up their so called “experts” and they ask them questions regarding Islam which they don’t know the answer to. They go on about how Islam is not a religion of peace and is a religion of ignorance, while they are ignorant about Islam, yet they talk about it. The opinions shaped by the media are just ideas thrown here and there to bring the courtesy of the people; therefore letting the bomb they set take time to blow up with the stereotypical statements. However, this also brings up the issue of cultural and religious confusion. The representation of Muslims in the media correlates to the lack of acceptance of differences. The media creates public anxiety around the terrorist threat.
Islam is a religion like any other religion. People talked and the media has rumored. But who has the right to talk about Islam? Common sense, if I talk about something and I don’t even have the common knowledge about that topic, how am I going to make sense in my arguments. Same with the “experts” that we have in the media; they talk and debate for hours about whether or not Islam is a religion of peace. There’s only one thing wrong here, ignorance!
Terrorism and violence are two things that Islam absolutely condemns. Commonly, the meaning of Islam is given as peace and submission. Violence in Islam is an oxymoron. The modern Muslim world situation emerges to make violence in Islam relevant....

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