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How Has The People's Republic Of China Tried To Change Its Image Internationally Through Foreign Policy Decisions?

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With the withdrawal of the Nationalist forces representing the Republic of China to the island of Taiwan in 1949, mainland China was finally under the control of the Chinese communist party (CCP).



• China possesses greater capacities to contribute to global financial and economic stability and growth; to development assistance in developing countries;

• Even though China is rapidly increasing its troops, weapons, logistics, and other aspects of its military, it is still not at a stage where it can establish a Pax Simica through sheer regional and global force projection (Shambaugh, 2011, p. 98).

Shambaugh (2013) states that a ...view middle of the document...

This essentially is an attempt by the government to promote the PRC as a stable global power. Economically, the PRC is more conservative; being the seventh largest contributor.

The promotion of the responsibility of the PRC can be seen in the context of nuclear non-proliferation, the prevention of the spread of nuclear material and technology and arms control, the international disarmament on arms limitation based on consent between two or more countries. This is a significant change in Chinese doctrine from previous decades when it used to be a purveyor of nuclear-weapons-related technologies. In the past decade, China has become more compliant with respect to heeding international treaties and sanctions on regimes seeking to harness the power of nuclear weapons. It has worked with the UN Security Council to regulate countries with nuclear ambitions through peace talks such as the Six-Party Talks with North Korea. In addition, China has publically professed on multiple occasions to adhere to a No First Use (NFU) policy by utilizing its nuclear capacity as a deterrent and in a second-strike role (Shambaugh, 2011, pp. 101-102).

However, it should be noted that even China states that it will promote a...

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