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How Have Computers Changed Education? Essay

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Imagine school without computers. Without them, school and learning would be remarkably different. Over the years, computers have really changed school systems. More and more schools are using computers today and it’s changing the way students are being taught. Computers improve learning and teaching by making it more beneficial, more efficient and more motivating for not only the students but also the teachers. Computers make a big impact on education today, and without them school would be more difficult than it already is.
To begin with, let’s start off at why the computer was originally invented in the first place. The computer was invented to “Perform calculations, store information, retrieve data and process information.” (Sanders). The computer is still used for the same reasons today. As opposed to using it for counting the world’s population or for finding the distance between two stars like back then, the computer was slowly starting to be used in doctor’s offices to store files or in companies to run certain programs and to track their data better and be more organized. The first time the computer was introduced in education was in 1944 in Harvard “1994: First operational computer used at Harvard” (Shogren). Then in 1962 “Airlines begin to use a computerized reservation system.” (History). As the years started to go by, more computers were starting to be used, and in one place in particular, schools.
To continue, computers have made education a lot more beneficial. They make education more beneficial not only for the students, but also for the teachers; Computers make student and teacher organization a lot better and easier especially since there are less things to have. When students have a computer, they don’t have to carry around a whole bunch of notebooks and textbooks and they especially don’t have to carry around a big 15 pound book bag. Everything they need is all in their computer and easy to find with a push of a couple buttons. As for the teachers, they can put student’s grades on the internet and it is good for the students because they can check up on their grades anytime they want. Checking up on their grades is good because it will help them know where they stand...

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