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How Have Computers Changed Our Lives? Describes Some Of The Things That Computers Can Now Help Us To Do

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How Computers changed our way of life? What could happen in the future?Computers have changed our ways in many different ways and aspects. Almost everyone depends on a computer to run effectively for one reason or another even if they themselves do not own one.People who own a bank account often have a bankcard, which is used in cash point machines. All of their bank details are kept on a computer system if this computer was to fail the bank would have all of the information kept on a back up system. If the bank did not have a back up system all of the stakeholders of that particular bank would have problems the bank would lose all of the information on the members and employees of the bank. The members of the bank would not have access to the money that they have in the bank, as the bank would not know how much money each individual has in their account. In the future people may not have to carry cash around with them as everything may be paid for through computer systems with the use of a cash/credit card. People may not even leave their house to go shopping and go to work with the popularity of catalogues and shopping over the Internet forever increasing. This is made possible through the use of credit card details being given either over the Internet or the telephone. More and more companies are having their employees work from home and send the work that they have done via email and...

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