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How Have The Texts You Have Studied This Year, "Empire Of The Sun", "Journey To The Interior", And "Willow", Effectively Shaped Your Understanding Of The Concept Of "The Journey"?

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How have the texts you have studied this year effectivelyshaped your understanding of the concept of "The Journey"?"Journey" can be described as movement or travel from one place to another. This physical concept of journey can be extended, however, to a much more complex and diverse metaphorical understanding. The ultimate, and most obvious, journey one undergoes is life, both the physical and inner passage "from cradle to grave". Within and throughout this adventure, human beings will experience many smaller journeys, which will differ greatly in nature and significance. The most noteworthy of these are processes of self-actualisation and emotional development. A quiet, introspective consideration of the human psyche is fundamental to a mature understanding of the journeys of, and in, life. As a result of such introspection many composers choose to focus their texts on the concept of Inner Journey. For this exploration of the concept of "The Journey", three texts have been chosen: Jim's emotional growth in J.G. Ballard's novel, "Empire of the Sun"; Margaret Atwood's consideration of mental health and stability in her poem, "Journey to the Interior"; and Ron Howard's depiction of "the capacity of human beings to rise above their outward fate" (Viktor Frankl), in his 1988 film production, "Willow".Often, in life, individuals are faced with daunting and frightening situations. In these times of trial and tribulation, when one feels as though they will remain forever in "the depths of despair", and hope is all but lost, human beings have a surprising ability to "rise above". Renowned psychiatrist and writer, Viktor Frankl, refers to this as "the last of the human freedoms...the ability to choose an attitude to any given set of circumstances". The confidence and belief in one's self to make such a decision often requires the individual to undergo the process of self-realisation, in order to develop the strength to hold such conviction. Directed by Ron Howard and released in 1988, "Willow" tells the story of the eponymous hero, Willow Ufgood, one of a race of "little people", the "Nelwynns", and his journey in the world of the giant "Daikini". Willow is forced to embark upon this expedition, accompanied by several different companions, because of an ancient prophecy. He finds a Daikini baby which he must return to one of her own kind. However, he discovers there is much more to his journey, when it is revealed that this child is destined to cause the fall of the evil Queen-Sorceress Bavmorda. This film not only deals with Willow's physical journey, but also his inner development of realising his true worth and potential, and learning to always believe in himself, even in times when it would appear that all hope of success or survival is futile. Howard conveys his message concerning the significance of Inner Journey, in comparison to other life journeys, through spectacular use of film techniques. Examples of these techniques include the use of camera...

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