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How Have Video Games Impacted Family Life?

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Video games are a game played on consoles with a display such as a monitor or a touchscreen.
People who play video games may get addicted to the game as they continuously play for long periods of time. Some games can cause the player to become frustrated with the game as they are constantly failing or losing, the players may have mental breakdowns and they sometimes get physical. Families that are affected by video games experience loss in money and communication. It is my belief that video games have a negative impact on families, this argumentative Essay will be talking about the negative impacts that video games have on families.

Video game addiction is a problem that many people face when playing games, they can be addicted without knowing but eventually their addiction gets stronger over time and they will realise it. Video game addiction comes from the brain and when the player’s brain comes along a game that has a good reward system that rewards the player. When the brain feels good it wants more, therefore the player continues playing until reality takes over but eventually the player comes back for more. When a member of the family is addicted it causes reality issues within the family. According to Peter Gray ‘Some distraught young man in South Korea plays a video game for fifty straight hours without stopping to sleep or eat, goes into cardiac arrest, and dies. Therefore, video games are addictive, dangerous…’ These South Koreans do not have anyone to watch over them or restrict what they do so they continue to play without breaks or eating food until they die. On BBC News a Korean couple left their own baby to starve to death while raising an online baby, they fed their baby every 12 hours and went back to the online game. The couples have lost their responsibility and are too addicted to the game to even care about what is happening in the real world.

Violence caused by video games normally affect people who have a mental condition as they are more likely to attempt what is in the video game. Most of the video games played contain violence but others may cause frustration which may also lead up to violence, a very popular game is Grand
Theft Auto the game is based around violence and is a top selling game. According to Journal of Experimental Social Psychology participants who played a violent video game showed an increase in aggressive behaviour and hostile expectations. Video games do cause a lot of violence in families if any of the family members are affected. Parents may try to stop their kids from playing video games but if they are addicted and they are violent from the game there is a likely chance that the child would kill their parents if they had a gun. Research done by Dr. Douglas Gentile suggests that...

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