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How Health Am I? A Reflection On All Aspects Of My Health

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How Healthy Am I?
My Physical Health:
Physical health is an essential part of overall health. Physical health makes an individual mechanically fit to carry out his/her daily activities without problem. It is when you have good metabolism, healthy organs and free from illness, injury or pain.
This is an important area of health because regular physical activity keeps your body functioning properly. If you perform sufficient physical activity, you can manage your body weight better, reduce your risk of heart attacks, diabetes, some cancers, high blood pressure, have stronger bones, joint and muscles while feeling energetic, happy, relaxed and sleep better.
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It helps you avoid unhealthy relationships which may lead to unhealthy choices. You are socially well when you have a supportive network of caring friends and family members whom you can rely on, share experiences and understand each other.
The positive aspects of my social health are: I have friends, family members and a pet who I can share my feelings to. Talking to others helps me feel support and is also a stress reliever. I have friends of my age; they understand the emotions and obstacles I’m experiencing because they are facing them too.
The negative aspects of my Social health are getting along with my family members, considering what I say before I speak and how it may affect others. Co-operating with my family member can be a difficult sometimes because they have different opinions, experiences and are stubborn. Sometimes, when I am enraged, my words tumble out before I think and they can be quite harsh. I need to consider what I say and if it affects others.
Ways I can improve my Social health: I could try discussing our differences and experiences with so they can understand the obstacles I am facing. I should think before I say when I am angry and give myself some time alone so I don’t insult anyone. Next time, I’ll try thinking about all the reason’s why I shouldn’t be depressed to ensure that I don’t hurt anyone.
My Emotional Health
Emotional Health is defined by the degree to which you feel relaxed, secure and emotionally healthy. An emotionally healthy person is relaxed, has an open mind and heart and can bounce back after hard times. Emotional health comes with self esteem; it is to be observed for long period of time not only one day or a week. It is your sense of self.
This is an important area of health because emotional health helps control your thoughts, feelings and behaviour. People with good emotional health feel great about themselves (self-esteem) and can keep problems under control.
The positive aspects of my Emotional health are that I can bounce back after difficult things happen in my life because I have learnt to let go and let life take its own course. My mother always says ‘Some things in life, you can change and control but others take their own course’. I am able to adjust to changes in my life because I have moved houses, schools and...

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