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How Healthcare Services Reduce The Effects Of Postnatal Depression Experience On Attachment And Mother Child Relationship

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Scope of the Problem

The whole portion of this topic is to describe and explain what mothers experience having a diagnosis and depressive symptoms means in their lives and what interventions are available to help reduce these symptoms and also preventative initiatives.

Service User Experience
This section of the topic will describe the issues such as lack of professional and social support network, which affects their psychological and psychosocial development.
The importance of being made aware of service user experience can have a positive effect on improving interventions.
Without knowing what service users experience of being labelled with postnatal depression, there will be ...view middle of the document...

Bowlby’s theory of attachment suggests that secured attachment is a vital psychological tool that is connected with human beings and it is the only element of how they survive psychologically.
Ultimately attachment theory mainly focuses on the long term relationships and bonds between two different people.
In this matter, as a result of postnatal depression, children experience disorganised attachment from their mother and often display mixed behaviour, disorientation and other disorders, and even underachieving in school.
Thus this negatively disrupts and interrupts child development therefore this is why securing attachment is essential.

Disorganised attachment becomes a result of postnatal depression. Kohen (2010) states that mothers and their infants are likely to experience disorganised attachment compared to infants with non-depressed mothers. Additionally this will impact their children’s mental health later on in their lives.
Consequently, this type of attachment disorder may have various consequences such as infants developing psychological, emotional and attachment when they become adolescents and adults.
Dogra, Lunn and Cooper (2011) suggests that disorganised attachment can cause consequences for children in particularly to experience mental health later on in their adolescent and adult lives.

Impact on Children’s Mental Health
As mentioned, a consequence of disorganised attachment as a result of mothers experiencing postnatal depression. Dogra eta l (2011) additionally states that children experience mental health such as depression, anxiety, self-harm and eating disorder, although they are not diagnosed with it because of the stigma associated with mental health, which makes it difficult and this is why it is difficult to diagnose early.
In addition, children experience psychological symptoms specifically depression and anxiety
As mentioned, postnatal depression can negatively affect maternal relationships with their children. Not only does it consequently become a burden to the child, but also to mental health services. Benson and Haith (2009) suggests that the lack of understanding about this mental illness has played a major role in this stating that mental health, such as postnatal depression is a stigma leading to social isolation and the risk that children may suffer from mental health illnesses themselves. Furthermore Nonacs (2006) argues that this will increase the service user experience of postnatal depression and that even lack of understanding from health and social care practitioners can be no assistance when it comes to treatment. She also adds that practitioners receive lack of training and awareness of the condition, therefore meaning that this becomes a major implication for delivery of treatment.
Therefore postnatally depressed mothers have a negative effect on their children’s psychological and social development.
Anderson’s (2009) work stresses the importance of interventions so that the negative effect...

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