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How Hemingway's Life Influenced His Writing

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Ernest Hemingway infuses his novels with life experiences, creating characters and plot lines based around his own romantic encounters. Agnes von Kurowsky was Hemingway’s first love, shaping how he would continue to behave in his romantic relations with his following four wives. Hemingway’s taste in strong minded, ambitious women molded the characters in some of his most notable works, from For Whom the Bells Tolls, A Farewell to Arms, and The Sun Also Rises. Conflict and Hemingway’s desire for countless women, caused a multiple of his marriages to end in divorce. These incidents in Hemingway’s love life left a deep mark in his heart, and his literary works.
Hemingway’s first romantic encounter held the basis for how he would view his relationships later in life, and played part in influencing one of his most successful novels, A Farewell to Arms. Agnes von Kurowsky was born in Germantown, Pennsylvania on January 5, 1892. Kurowsky and Hemingway met while she working as a nurse for the Red Cross, and he was recuperating from a mortar shell injury during WWI. Immediately after meeting, the two began an affair, shown through a collection of letters from both Hemingway and Kurowsky. However, their relationship did not come without complications. Hemingway was a mere boy of 18 and Kurowsky, 25. Hemingway and Kurowsky say their numbers in to drastically different lights, as they also viewed their relationship. Hemingway recognized the significance in their differentiating age, but managed to quickly look past the numerical values. “As I drifted off, I kept thinking how sympathetic and lovely she was, doubly attractive so far from home. All right, she was a few years older than I, but then girls are quite likely to appeal to young men who have lately turned eighteen," (Hemingway, handout). Hemingway saw Kurowsky as his true love, with her sheer presence lighting up a room. For Hemingway the relationship was far more serious than for Kurowsky.
Kurowsky, unable to get past the numbers, referred to Hemingway as her “kid” in several journal entries, ultimately leading to the downfall of their affair. The age difference clearly bothered Kurowsky throughout their time spent together, as mention in an interview … (get the packet and site the source). "My Kid came back tonight, and I feel so different. It seemed wonderful to be together again," (Agnes, handout). While Kurowsky admitted there was a real connection between the two, she claimed in an interview with (insert guy’s name) that she felt like more of a mother figure than his lover, and regrets even making him fall for her. "Kid, we're going to be partners. So if you are going to drink, I am too. Just the same amount," (Agnes, in a letter to Hemingway, handout). Hemingway’s quick attachment to Kurowsky also forced her into the decision of ending their relationship. When commenting on Hemingway’s view of her, Kurowsky stated in an interview that, "This completely changed his fresh, boyish character...

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