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How Heroes Influence Today’s Youth Essay

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In the early years of a person’s life several different factors influence their decisions and actions, but no more than that of a hero. A hero (n.d), according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is a person who is greatly admired. Which leads to appreciation and the want or need to emulate such a person. Thus leading to the transformation of a hero to a role model. A role model can be anybody that others want to imitate. A person susceptible to encouragement may choose to mirror such a chosen idol. The outcome is the role model intentionally or unintentionally influencing people. A person is more susceptible to these inspirations during their pubescent years. During this phase, in their life the brain is missing the connection between the synopsis and other major sections of the brain (Ruder, 2008). Therefore allowing them to be easily influenced by the actions of others. Heroes influence the decisions, present and future, of today’s youth affecting their education, fashion, behavior, and career path.
There are many reasons teenagers choose to go to college or not and it even breaks down to the types of classes they take. At times, an idol can play a particular role in this process. A young impressionable person will at times try to mirror the same education track of a person they emulate. Young admiring students will at times base their college choice off their chosen role model alumni (Nauta & Koklay, 2001). In some cases the person that a teenager attempts to mirror, may be a relative or it may be someone they have never met. The legacy status can be more of a form of parental pressure (Grove, n.d.). Parental pressure takes place when a young student attempts to emulate his or her relatives. With the pressure to attend the professional institution of prior family member’s, it is no wonder generations of a family attended the same university. In some cases, a celebrity or highly viewed person may impact a student. For example, an adolescent senior in high school has the drive to become a Hollywood director one day. He has always looked up to the famous director, Steven Spielberg, and has every intention of following his footsteps. This future college student might look into attending California State University; due to the fact this is where Spielberg completed his degree (The Biography Channel, n.d.). This young man might go into depth of what classes he took or what classes will best fit his degree. In this case, it is not inconceivable to see how a heroic figure can inadvertently persuade the education path of another. Role models play a vital role in the aid of the decision making process for youth, throughout their venture of a higher education.
Clothing styles are no doubt one of the more important nonverbal statements made today. What clothes a person wears can even define the community they accept. It is no surprise that fashion is essential for today’s adolescence. As heroic individuals can persuade many choices made by...

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