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How Hitler Became Chancellor Of Germany

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January 30 1933 will forever ring out of history books as a truly massive day. I told you before not to resort to such hyperbole. Its consequences have been immense, causing the deaths of millions, as well as changing the world as we know it forever. For it was on this day, the 30th of January 1933 you already told me this date, remmeber? , that a man by the name of Adolf Hitler became chancellor of Germany. Yet the question at hand remains to be, how exactly did Hitler achieve this extremely high position? The answer is simple. Hitler became chancellor of Germany due to economic circumstance, as well as the support and miscalculations of others.Support for Hitler's Nazi party greatly rose with the effects of the 1929 great economic depression. So can be seen from the vast increase in seats in the Reichstag the Nazis received: in 1928,; before the depression, the Nazis managed to obtain a meagre 12 seats, while two years later in the midst of the depression the Nazis gained an impressive 107 seats, nearly nine times their previous result. Two years after that, in 1932, the Nazis became the largest party in the Reichstag, possessing a whopping don't use colloquialisms 230 seats! This is very an important factor of how Hitler received chancellorship, as not only did it show President Hindenburg that Hitler and his party were not to be taken lightly, it also gave Hitler plenty of power in the Reichstag itself. This was because, should a party as large as the Nazis refuse to take part in any parliamentary procedure, they could simply walk out and successfully obstruct customary procedure. This made it easy for the Nazis to not only humiliate the present chancellor, but also prove his incapability to control the Reichstag. In successfully rallying that many people behind him, Hitler definitely showed Hindenburg that he was a force to be reckoned with, and thus making the transition to chancellor that much easier. Inded, it would normally have been expected that the individual leading the largest party in the Reichstag be the Chancellor.A more direct way...

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