How Hitler Had Started World War 2

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Although Hitler’s motives were more clear towards the end of World War II, Adolf did tackle the unemployment and stimulate Germany’s failing economy. Once Hitler became Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933 The economic policy for Hitler’s regime involved large scale borrowing for public expenditures which created railroads, canals, and the Autobahnen or the German highway network. The result of Hitler’s economic policy was more effective against unemployment than any other country. By late 1935 , unemployment was almost eliminated and by 1936 high income was pulling up prices or making it possible to raise them. By the late 1930s Germany had full employment at stable prices. This was, ...view middle of the document...

Since the Allies did not uphold the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler was able to rebuild the German army. What also helped Germany’s reconstruction of their military was that the infrastructure of the military factories left from World War I were still there, either dismantled or sold to the Allies of World War I, but all Germany had to do was rebuild the dismantled factories instead of building the factories from nothing. Many skilled men from WWI served Hitler in WWII such as Werner von Blomberg, who was Commander-in-Chief of the German Armed Forces until January 1938. Having skilled, experienced soldiers allowed Hitler to quickly construct a formidable military with experienced leaders. Even though Hitler had many advantages in the war, eventually Nazi Germany fell to the allies.
“To fight, we must have oil for our machine”-Adolf Hitler. Hitler had a good understanding of the economics behind large-scale warfare and he began a search to increase oil production to fuel his military machine. The dependency that Germany had on oil was the same as an engine, if the oil were to dry up the war machine would slow to a halt. The advancing Soviet Army had torn through Ploesti and it’s oil fields, thus Hitler became heavily dependent on synthetic fuel production. The synthetic fuel facilities then became the primary target for Allied bombers. Allied bombing reduced German synthetic fuel production by 85 percent, the German war machine began to diminish greatly. Hitler’s inability to react to these attacks and reorganize the military to counter attack proved to be the downfall of Nazi Germany.
In the end, Hitler’s actions and words proved to be his greatest weapons and greatest weaknesses. Hitler’s fanaticism about restoring Germany to it’s former glory proved to be Hitler’s greatest achievement and greatest downfall. Hitler’s determination to create the Aryan race also proved to be his downfall, by focusing on removing the “impurity” he failed to hold the front lines against the Soviet and Allied armies....

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