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How Human Actions Affect The Planet

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Our time on this world is very limited. Nothing lasts forever, and we are always changing and adapting. We try to improve the world and make our lives easier, but we forget about our surroundings and how we affect everything around us. Living organisms are coming close to extinction every single day. Humanity is destroying our planet and we feel that we are intelligent enough and capable to survive without it. Humanity needs to understand that to continue to live on Earth, change must be made so we may evolve in the future. People’s individual efforts are more than enough to be able to make a difference in the world.

The human species is more than capable of solving any problem that presents itself but we depend greatly on our environment. If animals go extinct or we run out of resources it is just nature taking its course of evolution, right? All living organisms depend on one another whether we know it or not, “…leading European thinkers abandoned the principle that a good life is lived in harmony with nature and the divine will embodied in its workings. Attempting to defy ethical and physical limits on human activity, these theorists proposed an intensification of control over nature to improve man's worldly estate.” (Hinchman L., Hinchman S. 665). People need to understand that Earth is our home and man kind needs to protect it as much as possible. There are people that see that humans have a duty to our planet if we want to remain on it.

There are people who view our world as something very delicate that needs our care and attention. Instead of solving problems people push them aside and later they become even greater problems. “Of course, pollution recognizes no boundaries and, as the world becomes increasingly industrialized, international disputes over transboundary pollution have intensified. If everyone on Earth lived like the average Canadian or American, we would need at least three such planets to live sustainably,” (Fairbrother, Anne). Humanity needs to take care of our planet for future generations to come. We are killing our planet knowingly and we need it for our survival, “more than 99% of human food comes from the terrestrial environment - less than 1% comes from the oceans and other aquatic ecosystems,” (FAO, 1991; Pimentel and Pimentel, 1996). Preventing damage to our Earth is important for everyone and everything, we can not survive if we don’t all contribute to stop the extinction of species and killing our planet. Humanity recently started to realize that we need to protect Earth for our well being. To continue evolving for future generations, change must happen and the people need to comprehend this. Science and government policies do help, but also simple things like recycling, conserving energy and water do make a difference. We are living in the Century of the Environment and we now realize how important Earth is to our survival.

Earth can be saved if humanity tries it’s best to conserve it. People are...

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