How Hunger Can Be Reduced In The United States

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How can hunger be reduced in the United States? In order to reduce hunger, every possible cause must be addressed. Climate changes, natural disasters, wars, and lack of aid are just a few causes of hunger and food insecurity. These issues can be dealt with nationally and locally. Nationally, there need to be programs and policies in place that give access to resources and the ability to sustain those efforts. To reduce hunger in local communities, more support needs to be given to farmers and markets, and there always needs to be access to food and aid.
There are national aid programs like SNAP, the UN World Food Programme, and Feeding America, trying to reduce hunger by providing access to food, resources, and the means to keep up those efforts. There are also councils like the UN Social and Economic Council, trying to implement policies in order to reduce and prevent food insecurity. Teaching people that having sustainable development is better than just relying on aid is also very important.
The most important food aid program in the nation is SNAP, supplemental nutritional assistance. It helped nearly 46.6 million people in 2012. It has an incredible impact on poverty in the United States. A lot of people think that because SNAP is fairly generous with the benefit it gives, that it gives some people no incentive to work. Contrary to popular belief, though, SNAP does not give enough aid for someone to live comfortably without having a job. Some people do find loopholes and ways to abuse the program, but that should not reflect on those who use it only when they actually need it. To many, SNAP is a temporary help when the income for the household is low (“HUNGER”)
The World Food Programme (WFP), established by the UN fifty years ago, wanted to help by bringing food to those who needed it. They have since realized that food aid helps the problem of hunger, but only temporarily. The WFP wants to be a program that helps people have continually usable food security. Rise of food prices and circumstances beyond anyone’s control have made it harder to give people access to nutritious food. Those who are poor suffer the most from hunger and most of those are women and children. The current problem of hunger is “not a lack of aid, but lack of access to aid.” The WFP generally focuses on ways to reduce hunger that can benefit the world, but they do several things that benefit local communities as well. They send out electronic vouchers that can be used to get food and they are trying to improve food security by helping local farmers and markets.The WFP is using technology to help local communities in the form of electronic vouchers that can be used to get food. A goal of the WFP is to improve food security by helping local farmers and markets. The know-how of reducing hunger is present, but there has to be a willingness of national leaders to help whenever possible (Sheeran).
Feeding America is an organization that offers meals to people that have...

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