How Hydrogen Will Save The World

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Hundreds of square miles of habitat for penguins, polar bears, and sea lions disappear every year at a faster rate putting some species on the endangered list. So why is this happing? Most contemporary scientists blame global warming and a startling 97% of American scientists blame humans for the causes of accelerated global warming (Plait 1). So should it be people’s natural responsibility and moral duty to act? Besides, animals are not the only ones that are going to be negatively affected.
Global warming causes increased amounts of water to collect in the atmosphere resulting in larger thunderstorms, snowfall, and natural disasters resulting in greater human devastation. Also, as temperatures rise agricultural goods become harder to produce creating increased crop prices leading to decreased nutrition and calories citizens consume. Although these are huge claims they are not science fiction. However, there are people who claim hydrogen will always be too expensive to ever use as a fuel since much of hydrogen production is natural gas reliant. Some also believe a national plan to equip hydrogen fueling stations across the United States is not feasible.
The causes scientist point towards for accelerated global warming is the release of carbon emissions into earth’s atmosphere. Automobiles are the largest carbon emissions producers around the world, especially in North America. In North American, automobiles create 33% of all carbon emissions released into the atmosphere accounting for a little over 1/3 of all carbon emissions (England 1). Naturally, the root sources of a problem should be the first area to address. Not to mention over recent years the United States has cracked down and strengthened environmental laws by setting higher gas mileage standards and cleaner burning fuel regulations making a contradicting situation. If cars, which run off of fossil fuels, are the cause of this issue, Americans should start to take a stance in a new direction. Also knowing that fossil fuels are a non-renewable resource it is clear that Americans should begin to significantly invest in other energy sources in which benefits humankind rather than hinders it.
Although there are many renewable options currently on the market, hydrogen stands as a superior choice for many reasons. First off, when looking at fueling options for automobiles it makes sense that the most efficient choice is used. It also makes sense to use a element that is widely available rather than being a limited resource such as fossil fuels. Finally, a fuel that is eco friendly and helps the environment is generally preferable verses polluting fuels. Hydrogen meets these criteria. Plus hydrogen is a simple element that is colorless, tasteless and exists in almost everything in the Universe (Nagel 1068).
When looking at hydrogen in a fuel cell, it is 22% more efficient than gasoline and 45% more than diesel, as tested by, George Crabtree, a scientific researcher at the National...

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