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How I Came To Be Me

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Contemplating on my life and its ups and downs, now I know that there are countless things a child is not supposed to witness. Because of it, I’ve been influenced subconsciously by these incidents without realizing what was2 to occur next. Then I commenced thinking of the aftermath of these events, as if I was attempting to foresee the conclusion before befalling. Ever since I was an adolescent everything was given to me. Even though I was not utterly coherent about the life I was living, I still was a rather clever boy. This aided me, as I grew older, to make up my mentality about what is correct or what is not. Life is not deterministic, but we determine our ...view middle of the document...

I don’t consider my self as a spoiled little brat. I knew that in life theirs more than wealth, like ethical values, though I recall all the wonderful possessions I used to obtain year round. Who knew things weren’t going to remain unaffected for long. As I begun mature, I had to be more stable and attend graduate school. I couldn’t be travelling city to city, like my Dad’s situation required him to. This is the motive my parents split up. He made his decision, and this also why we had to travel. Reflecting on this episode, as soon as I commenced school I had difficulties with focusing in class, and I got into problems for being an introverted child in the classroom. Meanwhile my dad and mom started having their differences, and maybe do to the long distance relationship. All stacked up on top of the destruction of the business made the unthinkable possible.

Letdown after letdown my mom premeditated to pull us though our own misery. She attempted to offer the same life quality we had before. She butchered chicken for almost a year in our front yard to save up. She sold jewelry, blankets, and perfumes. She did everything possible, but it just didn’t cut it. My mother thought it through. She had no possibilities but take us far away. ...

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