How I Had To Perservere Through Fear

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Our fear is the thing that will let us be stronger and let us persevere. That fear will push us on to do greater things in our lives and it might test our limits at times but if we have that courage to let us overcome that fear then we will become the man/woman that people ideal and strive to be but everyone has fear even fireman, policemen, or even soldiers. We all have fear we just need to have the courage to persevere through it. That is what I think when I hear courage or perseverance. My name is Joseph Vecchione and I am going to share with you my experience with fear and how it pushed me to my breaking point and how I had to have the courage to persevere.

In 2011 I was at the beach with one of my very good friends named treven. We were in the water trying to body surf when treven said “hey do you want to learn how to really surf.” Yeah sure” I said with so much excitement that I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. We went and got a surf board. It was foam and plastic with a blue outer layer and a traction pad on the back. The surf board was standing there against the trailer with fins like a dolphin about an inch above the ground. The board was huge and I didn’t know how I was going to carry it all the way down to the beach. When I tried to pick it up it felt so heavy almost like I was picking up an elephant. Treven said “Hear lets pick it up together it will be easier.” “No” I said “I can pick it up by myself.” Struggling to pick it up I put it over my shoulder and started to walk to the beach.

When I finally got to the beach I saw everyone relaxing and drinking water and eating sandwiches. Treven and I were walking to the water it felt like I was walking into battle. When I finally got to the water I jumped on the board and started to paddle out when I got to the bigger surf I turned around and faced the shore. Waves were hitting my back left and right I was getting salt water in my eyes and then I heard a voice “Joey this is the wave ill push you but you are going to have to start to paddle when I say now… NOW” Treven said pushing me with all of his might. So I started to paddle and then I felt it the wave crash on my back. When I was going pretty fast on the wave I started to stand up and then I was on my feet. I did it I was surfing. It felt like I was going a thousand miles an hour but then all the sudden it was all over I got to the shore.

I caught a few more waves and then went in. I was so proud of myself that I forgot to thank the kid that taught me how to surf. “Treven” I yelled “Thank you.” “No problem” Treven yelled back. When I was walking back to the trailer all I could think about was how I was going to let my dad watch me surf. When I got to the trailer I saw everyone sitting around the fire, eating hot dogs and hamburgers. I went and sat down in between Treven and Tiko, Trevens dog. When I got my hamburger I ate it so fast that I felt like I inhaled it in one bite. After...

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