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There are many ways to wash a car, but which way is the way to insure that a car gets properly clean. I’m going to share three steps on how I wash a car. Starting off with gathering the material needed, the car washing process, and the drying process. By using these steps I will always know that my car will be properly clean.
First, I would gather the materials needed such as; a bucket, car soap, car sponge, dry rags, tire brush, Windex, and paper towels. After I gather my materials I would park my car in a safe location such as a drive way or somewhere with little sunlight. After the car is parked, roll up all the windows that may have been left down. The next step would be fill up the ...view middle of the document...

I proceed to the sides of the car follow by dipping the sponge into the bucket of car washing soap and water. I make sure I start from top to bottom on each side of the car. The same rule applies about dirt running from the top to bottom. Making sure the sponge stay soapy is important on the sides of the car because unlike the hood and the top of the car, the sides have no flat surfaces, so therefore the soapy water from the sponge runs dry quickly. Once through with the sides I quickly wash the rear of the car because the sides intends to dry quicker because of the water running down, and unlike the hood, trunk, and top of the car the water doesn’t quickly runs down.
Finally, I spray the soapy car off starting from the top because the same rule applies about dirt and water running down. Well spraying from the top of the car I precede to the hood and grill. Doing this and the same order of what I had wash the car, because the top and the hood was the first part of the car that was wash, so the soap is most likely to dry up before the sides of the car. Once the car is completely rinsed off I start on cleaning the tires and rims. This is the most...

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