How I Will Use Math In My Everyday Life

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How Will I Use Math in Everyday Life
All throughout the days I spent in school sitting in math class learning Algebra, Geometry, and the various other math courses I pondered whether or not I would ever even use these math skills in my life. The sad truth is that you will mostly likely use most of the math skills that you learned throughout high school in everyday life. There are honestly so many different ways you will use math in life like buying a car, your weekly trip to the grocery store, and even at home. It is honestly hurting you to not pay attention because you will in fact use math in your everyday life.
There are many different ways that math is used at home just like everywhere else. You use math before going to bed at night when you’re setting your alarm clock for when you need to get up. Another way math is used at home is when making your coffee. You need to know how many cups to make for the number of people drinking it. Then finally you’re for sure going to need to know what a cup, pint, quart, and gallon is when making dinner or you could really mess up while making it. I bet there is many more ways you use math at home that you don’t even think about. (Anneberg, 2013)
When you go to the store to shop for groceries I’m pretty positive you don’t think about how much math you’re about to do. All the skills that you use when buying milk is all learned in school. Milk consumption for a family that has children who are in school is a problem because kids love eating cereal, and drinking milk before school. When shopping for milk you make comparisons on the prices by which brand is the cheapest. When shopping you estimate, gather, and organize data to figure out which milk is the best price. You can’t go to the grocery store and walk away without making at least one comparison which, you learned in math all your life. (May, 1994)
Besides waking up in the morning the first thing you do...

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