How I Would Make Shiver A Movie

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Shiver by Karen Robards is the book I picked for this quarter’s SSR. I picked the book because, at first glance, the cover was interesting. So, judging a book by it’s cover, I picked it up. When reading the brief summary on the inside cover I decided I wanted to read it. There wasn't much to it, really. I've never read anything by this author before so I had no idea what to expect.

The book was about Samantha Jones and her son Tyler, and about how they were pulled into the most dangerous situation of their lives. Danny, or “Marco” to Sam, was the one who pulled them into it. He is a member of the FBI, going “undercover” as a former member of the FBI, one who was in witness protection program and had stolen from and betrayed those he worked with. All the while as Danny tried to protect Sam and Tyler from being taken out of the FBI’s protection, they were being search for by a dangerous group of villains. That's most of the important stuff that can’t change. A few other things that have to change is Tyler’s age, Four. It was proven difficult to find a young enough actor to play his part, so changing his age to about six or seven would have to do.

Even though Tyler’s original age was a great window of opportunity, it had to be done. One part that would be suitable to be taken out is Sam looking throughout the town-house they’re stationed at looking for ways out in-case of emergency. Another thing would be when Sam argues with “Marco” about how Tyler shouldn't be playing violent video games when she catches them playing Halo on an Xbox. Something else would be the scene where the doctor is explaining to Danny which medicine to take and when for his leg. Speaking if which, the scene where Danny gets shot by Veith in the beginning cannot be changed, as it is vital to the story line.

Something else that might be alright to be taken out is Sam shopping in Walmart after talking the FBI looking over them that she can’t stay in the same clothes and over-sized underwear forever, and pointing out the fact that Tyler didn't have any shoes. Something that should not be taken out is the townhouse blowing up when Sam and Danny are taken by Veith when they are attacked by someone they least expected. I would also take out the part of the book between Sam and Danny that wouldn't be very good for children, so that more people can watch the movie. There’s a lot more, but too many for right now.

Samantha Jones has long black hair and dark blue eyes, and pale skin. She’s also very pretty, as many male characters in the book have said about her. Sam is really stubborn, protective, and mature. Not to...

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