How Should The Teacher Be In Terms Of Preparation, Academic Background And Personality In Order To Be In Charge Of An English Course?

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Preparation matters

¿How should the teacher be in terms of preparation, academic background and personality to be in charge of an English course?

The ideal class is the dream of any teacher. It is as if we wanted to know the magic secret to make the class everybody would like to attend. There are requirements, techniques, ways, and exercises to take into account in order to make a class that everybody would say: this is the class I will never forget. The preparation of the teacher is essential for this purpose but is not the only factor to make a good class. Although the preparation and ability to teach creatively are the key elements that could give us the desired magic wand to make an awesome English class, it depends not only on these two elements but most on the strong desire of the student for their own learning.
there are a lot of people studying right now, some are happy some are not that happy, some make comments saying: this is a good class, some say this is not a good class. We have a lot of complaining about why students are bad prepared. Putting the blame on the teacher’s shoulders is the first thing that comes to mind. Resent test reports show that students are not doing well. Somebody has to be accountable for this, and guess what; the teachers are the best option to be considered as the primary cause of failure of the students; that would be the explanation of why students do poorly on tests and other assignments.

Results given by tests should be good if the students are receiving the proper classes in the right environment, with the right attitude and most of all with the ideal class and the ideal teacher.
Research helps us to understand better what is behind all of these facts. ¿what makes a person to decide what class is good or bad? Most of what makes a student decide if a class is good or not is not only the content but the feeling in class. They like a class if they feel they learn and not only that, it is, if he or she feels comfortable with the teacher and the teaching of course. We have regretted a system that doesn't help the student to feel comfortable. the students sometimes feel frightened by the teachers because they feel that teachers correct them more than necessary , they are frightened perhaps because they make mistakes continuously , frightened by expectations of grade notes, other factors like health and mood are also important. The environment is essential to create a good class, the material and use of it determines how well a student can learn and perform in a test in the future. That is what has been said for years but there is another factor I believe is the most important, that is, the willingness and the strong desire of the student to participate and build his or her own knowledge.

With all of this in mind let us see some of the aspects of the academic preparation a teacher should have and the elements a good class should have too, to ensure that at least the teacher has made all that is at his...

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