How Important Is Larry Lasalle To The Novel?

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Robert Cormier; and American novelist who is known for his spectacular writing directed at
young adults. He has written countless potential classics, capturing the attention of readers both young and old. Heroes, 1998 is one of his best known novels. It explores the themes of betrayal, forgiveness and love among adolescents Francis, Nicole and the novel's antagonist, their childhood hero Larry Lasalle. Although each character contributes to the novel, we are often led to wonder how important Larry Lasalle really is to the novel. We will examine three aspects of his involvement in the novel, and discover that he is indeed a crucial element. Exploring his role in maintaining conflict throughout the story, his part in triggering the rising actions as well as the way his presence influences the development of the other characters.
Larry Lasalle helps to maintain an air of conflict throughout the novel. For example in Chapter 14 (page 72-79) Francis confronts Larry; prepared to kill him for what he did to Nicole. The atmosphere in this chapter is very tense and Larry tries to defend himself but Francis is determined. To continue, in most chapters Francis' thoughts revolve around his hate for Larry and his love for Nicole. On page 77 Larry says “If I want one thing, it would be to have you look at me the way you did at the Wreck Center, when I was the big hero you say I was.” As a kid, Larry was Francis' hero but him raping Nicole changed the way he looked at him. From that moment on, the conflict between the two was the highlight of the novel, and Francis' goal was to kill him. Without Larry, that conflict would be gone, which was an important part of the novel.
Furthermore, Larry Lasalle triggered the rising actions in the story. On page 63, when Francis hears Nicole being raped, and later sees his...

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